Washington report: Joe Biden blames advisers for highest inflation rate in 40 years

According to the Washington Post on Wednesday, President Joe Biden blamed his aides for the country’s 40-year-high inflation.

As per Bloomberg, growing prices will cost American households an extra $5,200 in 2022, or $433 per month. As a result, Biden is allegedly concerned that rising costs are damaging his political standing.

Rather than taking responsibility for the price spikes, Biden is said to have transferred blame on aides for failing to face the cost increases, which were fueled in part by his own fiscal and energy policies.

The Post reported, “Biden has privately grumbled to top White House officials over the administration’s handling of inflation, expressing frustration over the past several months that aides were not doing enough to confront the problem directly.”

Instead of changing fiscal and energy policy, the White House launched a public relations campaign this week to mitigate inflation’s political impact on the Democratic Party.

As part of the public relations push, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen revealed at a press conference on Tuesday that she and the president had underestimated inflation’s rise to a 40-year high. In 2021, the White House said that inflation was “transitory.”

“Well, look, I think I was wrong then about the path that inflation would take. As I mentioned, there have been unanticipated and large shocks to the economy that have boosted energy and food prices and supply bottlenecks that have affected our economy badly that I didn’t — at the time didn’t fully understand, but we recognize that now.” Yellen admitted.

In May, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) forecasted that inflation will continue to wreak havoc on American wages through 2023.

According to a CBS poll conducted in May, 69% of Americans believe Biden’s economy is “bad,” up to six points from April and twenty-three points from April 2021.


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  1. This president is playing the economy and inflation as he the stock markets and it’s not the stock market and he is losing badly

    1. because hunter has things tied up for now. hunter go to court joe can parden him out. as it stands right now. but after nov. the court can send him to prison far treason what he has done with China over the last ten years.

    2. Think of the consequences for kicking Biden out, hello Harris, oops, we kick her out too, hello Pelosi. Be realistic, we the voters are the only ones that that can safe America in a civil way. WE can vote all of the clowns out, but will we. An easier way is term limits and put the people back in charge of the benefits they are getting. The magical word is Representatives which means they work for you and me and not for themselves and get to be millionaires from our money. Just a thought

  2. The country is in a suicide spiral with the mental midgets in charge and we may never recover from.

  3. Pure incompetent polices and administration.Remember in November get them out of office.

  4. Of course , it is always someone else who cause the problem!!! I don’t see why something has not been done to remove him from office? He is not capable to hold the office and have the codes to our nuclear bombs!!!!! The democrats have been wanting a war to hide their shit, something else to blame and get rid of our constitution. We all heard that our war machines have been made with bad metal that will not stand up to any war, all out information China now has, so we are set up to lose and our constitution will be gone. I hope the ones responsible this are caught and punished their crimes against American!!!! But most important if I know the whole country knows!!!!!

    1. I think they set out to destroy our country and make us a socialist country! Taking money from Soros was a horrible thing to do! He’s not going to help us ! Democratic politicians used to do good things, but they have lied, cheated and stole, put people like Palosi, Biden, Schumer and so many more dishonest things in charge! We need President Trump back in the White House!

    2. That is for sure. Why is he cancelling $10,000 of student loan debt? You borrow you pay back period. Are we who paid it back going to get a $10,000 check? I doubt it. It is our money Biden is spending not his. If he were using his money fine but he is not.

  5. More evidence that the Elite can’t be bothered to maintain a Moral Compass. A “ plague on both your houses!”

  6. They should all be removed from office while we still have a country left. Never considered us elf a republican or a Democrat, but I’ll never support a Democrat again !

  7. They did it on purpose because of their greed and don’t think about their actions until it blows up in their faces! It’s all and act of treason to our country and they don’t give a damn! They should all face a firing squad together!! Nothing but pure EVIL! I wouldn’t be a damn Democrat if you paid me!

  8. Biden is the stupidest man in all creation. This DF knew exactly what he was doing, to include allowing our Southern Border to open… I happen to work for the Food Stamp office in San Antonio, Texas, and an immigrant showed me paperwork given my this DH saying, they will be permanently given citizenship, provided they vote Democrat during elections… they also get unlimited food stamps etc…

  9. I didn’t vote for Mr. Biden and am sorry the marjority did. However, let’s elect a Republican next time who understands financials, other countries political intent, working class citizens and children and elderly.

  10. Biden and his democratic cronies are destroying America! Their stupidity and with the ones in government wanting to destroy our country need to go!
    We need to vote Republican in all elections from now on! We need to put God first, family and then stand up for our country!!!!!@@

  11. Biden’s* public relations campaign to try and convince the American people that the massive rise in inflation is not his fault is just another political “pig” that needs a complete makeover. This time, just the “lipstick” on the pig will not be enough to bolster Biden’s* tanking poll numbers. This porker is going to need not only liposuction, but eyeshadow, false lashes, mascara, blush, a blond wig and a chest like Dolly Parton’s. Even then, the only folks who will believe he’s not responsible for the overnight economic decline of country are those who put him in office and think they might have a chance to get the pig’s autograph.

  12. I think they want to take down U.S. then bring it back as a dictatorship Communist country. That’s what happens when you have too many socialist, Marxist people in the white house and in this country. They will destroy freedom and liberty

  13. The buck stops here……remember saying that Joe? Guess not. He isn’t capable of remembering which way to turn let alone what he said almost a year ago.

  14. Biden thinks he is omnipotent and omnipressant. In truthful reality, Biden is a megalomaniacal political incompetent hell-bent on making the USA a 3rd world country! More reality, Biden failed Inflation 101 and thinks printing 40% of our money supply and spending it like a drunken sailer has no inflationary efffect. More reality, Biden has severely constricted USA-Canada oil companies, shutting down new oil production. Sure Joe, cut down on our country’s production, and don’t even acknowledge the effect on supply and watch oil prices soar! More Biden reality, Joe opened the southern border, no need for immigrants to be vetted, no rules for citizenship, Biden plans to give illegals more of USA tax money and SS benefiits than are provided to US citizens! More reality, forgive student debt. Biden says, “forgiving that debt will have little or no effect on inflation.” That sounds like what Biden and Yellen said that inflation was “TRANSITORY.” Fact is, Biden is a professional liar, hypocrit, and Biden is planning the USA to be like Venezuala, soon. More reality, congrats Branden, you failed to learn anything from HISTORY—do it all wrong, again Joe, we all want to pay 100.00/gal of fuel, soon. May God please save the US from the Biden Despotic Folly. Signed, Ron Sr, a Viet-Nam Vet.

  15. biden, the Azzhole, blames everyone but himself. He just said that the blame falls on his aides, oh yes and on the Republicans too. This jerk is a pathological liar and a coward to accept any blame for anything. He is a very weird duck, the worst POTUS ever, and yet he’s too stupid to realize it. God help the USA!

  16. God’s Will be done. The communists in power now because stupid people voted for them will face a much higher Power. Soon, I pray.

  17. his entire political life he has been a fraud always not his fault his campaign promises did not pan out always somebody else let him down or those political enemies did him in

  18. This was planned for long time.Democrats knew Trump would not allow country to land in hands of NWO and NATO. COVID was done on purpose as Fauci told Trump he would face terrible crisis and millions would die. Dems have sold out to China and Russia. Picture is perfectly clear.Democrats are actually terrorist and need to be stopped

  19. it’s UKRAINE WAR inflation
    800 billion 40 billion 33 billion 40 billion
    after olena begs for more money 700 million
    who do you think is paying for all of this
    we are at war with russia and we are paying for weapons to ukraine\
    and paying for hunter’s deals with them and hillary and barrack and big guy joe
    and sending more weapons by sea -thought they had mines in the sea
    by plane
    well on return run load up on wheat/grain
    comedian actor dancing with stars winner zelensky president is laughing not willing to negoitate refusing
    and why not biden sending money weapons why not
    and how do you go to war without having any supplies????????
    ask england for money ask the queen

  20. So Biden is finally admitting that he is basically an incompitant puppet with those pulling his strings having botched things causing high gas prices and inflation.

  21. What did doofus Biden expect? He put ibama’s flunky , Yellen, back in as treasury secretary. She was a failure before and is repeating her performance again! Biden is an arrogant, belligerent old fool who thinks he is above all of us, and “ don’t question his decisions”, he destroyed our energy resources, shut down the pipelines and won’t allow drilling! That is why our gas prices are so high! hE is to blame, no matter who he lays the blame on, HEmakes the decisions( or I should say Obama does, tells him what to do and say).He is obama’s Gutless stooge and he is too ignorant to understand he is bieng used. And fake “ dr. Jill” is helping make an ass of him( not that he needs any help) he does quite well doing that on his own. He just needs to be gone, along with Harris, Piglosi, Schumer and all the rest.

  22. If bend over biden is going to forgive 10k per person, he also needs to send a 10k check to the rest of the folks in the nation that were RESPONSIBLE AND PAID THEIR SCHOOL LOAN DEBT!!!!!!!!
    BEND OVER BIDEN is kowtowing to the liberal progressive’s in his party and could give a rats ass about the rest of the country!!!!!!!!
    Well, “Joe thinks” is an oxymoron!!!!
    BEND OVER BIDEN, or applesauce brains, DOESN’T HAVE THE ABILITY TO THINK!!!!

  23. I think this whole Administration should be impeached. America will end up like a 3 World Country.We sure don’t want that to happen.So come November I urge every able American to go
    to the polls and vote those morons out. What has been done to our beautiful Country in the past year and a half is unbelievable.Please you all wake up and help to bring our country back

  24. This is a crock. Joe Biden is the sole individual responsible for inflation due to him stopping the oil lines and blocking the drilling for oil and gas.

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