The American energy independence from Russia act blocked by Democrats for the fifth time

For the fifth time, House Democrats blocked a Republican motion on Wednesday that would have brought a bill up for debate that would have backed American energy and helped cut gas prices for all Americans.

House Democrats Block Consideration of American Energy Independence from Russia Act for 5th Time.

On the House floor on Wednesday night, Republicans proposed a motion to stop the previous question. If the precedent matter is not resolved, the House could consider Republican-sponsored H.R. 6858, the American Energy Independence from Russia Act, to strengthen American energy production across the country.

However, Democrats halted the bill’s kineticism for the fifth time, only one week after President Joe Biden asked American oil firms to start producing more oil and warned them of penalties if they did not.

If the Republican-led bill passed, it would have provided Biden with the solution he seeks by promoting American energy production across the country and lowering the rising cost of petrol.

Rep. Michelle Fischbach (R-MN) introduced the bill on Wednesday, after introducing it twice earlier this month. Unfortunately, it was defeated for the fifth time, with 221 Democrats voting against the motion in the House.

At the end of February, Reps. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) and Bruce Westerman (R-AR) filed a bill to promote American energy independence.

The bill would include the following provisions:

  • The Keystone XL pipeline was approved right away.
  • All export restrictions on liquefied natural gas (LNG) lifted.
  • Oil and gas leasing on federal lands and seas, which had been halted under Biden’s administration restarted.
  • Protected American energy and mineral development from the administration’s attacks.
  • Require the administration to present an energy security plan within 30 days, and Biden’s energy secretary to establish a plan to replace oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR).

“We need an all-of-the-above strategy to energy policy for the United States to become energy independent and secure,” Miller-Meeks tweeted.

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  1. Thank you both for putting America first. I am dumbfounded by the Democrats not wanting us to be energy independent. Do they not have to pay for gas like most Americans do or do they all own electric cars. Their unwillingness to help reduce the price of oil and gas will be remembered at the polls on 2022 and 2024 if we make it to then. Let them walk in our shoes for a while and see how they fair. God Bless You and our Country. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  2. Questions must be asked. Why ar these demodogs refusing to make this country energy independent? Check their bank accounts? See where there millions are coming from?

  3. You can thank Obama for all that.He’s a sneak. A liar. A fraud. A phoiney and a instigator . He’s been sneaking into the Whitehouse since phoiney obidip and owhore oharris got in. Remember who didnt want the Keystone pipeline. Omissfit. President Trump got it going. Then thru a phoiney election aka fixed obidip shuts it down . All of them in there now are PHOINEYS !!!!!!!

  4. I would hope they list Ll the Democrats names who voted against this bill be put public so Americans can see who is against America and let them no at the polls

  5. Face the facts. Any thing from county levels to the federal levels. If right thing to do, they will not do it ‘ if wrong thing at time you can bet your last dollar that is going to happen !!!~! The right thing does not make money for them. The right thing only saves the people who are footing the Bill. FACT! 67 years old and have seen and felt how the system works. Very sad but true. Shame on all of us. Lucky I’am not GOD because I would not forgive this Cluster-Muck !!!

  6. TheDumbo crats are not in Washington to enact reasonable legislation, They are there for one reason only, to oppose anything the Republicans pit forrth to improve the lives of Americans. They are the obstructionist.
    Walt Johnsron

  7. The agreement is ,if they can’t control the people who pay Congress pay check ,then they can’t ask for more funding!!! To correct there issues they created on the American people… even if this Energy bill would help correct a temporary crisis!! It’s Sad that our Politicians can’t put there issues aside for a state of emergency!! I’m very disappointed I know President Rosenville,Regan.and the others with great visions would ask or demand .. for the people that they proudly represented !!

  8. Fire the whole democrat party and take everything they own to pay for their wasteful spending every thing both forigen and domestic and let’s get the country back where we should be we know that the whole bunch is criminal s

  9. All the dems and republicans that voted for this should be voted out. These people were put in office to support the beliefs of the American people not themselves.

  10. What do you mean doing their best they are doing it each time they vote down bills such as this, look at what these Democrats have not done since they gained control of the House of Representatives, then at what they have done all had a negative impact on our nation!

  11. What would happen if they just started construction on keystone and started drilling in the leases already in place? Biden can’t stop them all, he would be running in circles trying, and going crazier than he already is.

    1. With the Democrats in control they would have them ALL up on charges and use our idiot press to make headlines, it is the one and only thing they are actually good at–Democrats and the press

    2. All people who voted for the Biden/Harris ticket can now see the mistake they made.
      Too bad their representatives in congress and senate can’t see how they could make
      energy in the USA. If they just started building the pipeline and drilled in the leases, would
      they be punihed? I hope not…we need some smart unselfish people running our xountry!

    3. Patty, I’ve been saying; “what if we just ignore him and have business as usual” since he got started reversing all the good pres Trump had going. It is more than simple, Obama in his 3rd term wants Biden to do just what trump did when he got into office. Reverse Obama’s mismanagement moves. All while WE THE PEOPLE SUFFER.

  12. Biden stopped construction on the Keystone pipeline the first day he was in office by executive order. And just because the oil companies have leases does not mean they can drill. Due to government red tape.

  13. Now, democratic voters; Are you FINALLY convinced that your party wants to DESTROY the ‘Great Experiment’ that is the United States of America? Have you figured it out yet? Swamp dwellers on BOTH sides need to be removed! Term limits imposed, among a plethora of other abuses to be curtailed.

  14. What a bunch of corrupt,filthy pukes. Vote these radical unAmericans out of office. Go to the devil that’s where they belong.

  15. Democrats will do all they can to destroy our way of life. They are selfish and hateful to the core. we need to fight the so called leaders.
    The worst part is all the elite are the ones financing this coop. The Devil has infiltrated
    The Democrats. We need to stand up to them land vote ail Democrats out of office.

  16. Those who voted for the Biden/Harris have now seen their mistake.
    Failure all around…nothing positive there!
    Maybe if their representatives in Congress and Senate did something right,
    we would all be happy. If we started building the pipeline and started drilling again,
    would there be punishment? We need energy and would like to offer it to Europe as well.
    Get down from your progressiveness and start drilling everywhere we can. don’t continue to
    be the losers guiding your corrupt party!


    It’s difficult to believe we are living in 2022. It’s a BAD DREAM COME TRUE

  18. OMG, I can’t believe they BLOCKED IT for the 5TH time, time for these MF’s to GO, dem voters you are sick in the head for voting this travesty into our office (plus cheating)

  19. The Dems are scared of losing their power monopoly. It’s time for a Red Wave and lets keep it for as long as the Dems held power. They (Repub.) certainly could not do worse then the dems.

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