Tester: For most people, inflation is ‘absolutely’ the most important issue, not Roe v. Wade

Sen. Raymond Jon Tester (D-MT) declared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Friday that inflation, not Roe v. Wade, is the most important issue in most people’s lives.

“What do you do when you’re confronted with ordinary issues that affect and impact ordinary people, like inflation?” questioned co-host Mike Barnicle. ” To most people, and understand what I’m about to say, ladies and gentlemen, it’s a — it’s the most paramount issue in their lives.”

“Absolutely,” said Tester.

“Not Roe v. Wade right now,” Barnicle added. “Yeah,” Tester responded.

“It’s about doing things in the areas of food. I’ve got a couple of bills, not to toot my own horn, but it happens to be that way, along with Grassley and Fischer and Wyden, to put more transparency in the food industry.” Tester said.

“It will help not only the cow/calf guys, but it’ll help the consumer. Because we’ve got four companies that control 84% of the beef in this country.” He continued.

Tester went on to say, “So, if we can put more transparency on that, get more competition in that marketplace, which is what these bills will do, along with the work that the president has done, getting low-interest loans out there for these small meatpackers to be able to expand, we can make a difference in the grocery store.”

“As far as gasoline goes, and it’s a big one, I’ll tell you that, gasoline, fuel you put in your cars, this is really an opportunity, not only to drill for our natural resources but to set up so we can have renewable energy moving forward so there’s more competition in that marketplace.” Tester added.

Jon Tester continued “We need to have a moon-shot event to not only deal with climate change but also make energy more affordable going into the future that doesn’t put a bunch of CO2 into the air.”

“We can do that. … But it involves making sure that we’ve got money for research for better battery technology, better generation, hydrogen fuels, carbon sequestration, making nuclear waste benign, those kinds of things.” He concluded.


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  1. The Government does not need more money for anything. They do not use it for the declared purpose, rather to line their own pockets, or move it to something totally different from the stated usage.

  2. We need to address the real problems Covid, hunger, food shortages, the war is affecting the Americans in so many ways. Tell Biden to get off his ass and address the real problems. also take care of the seniors who are on a budget and can handle inflation.


    1. Amen to that nan!
      Not to mention that if the USA is one of only a handful of countries doing ANYTHING about “climate change” (which is a natural thing that has occurred since the beginning of the earth) while China (builds coal fired power plants by the hundreds around the world) and India runs 2 stroke engines and CO2 puking vehicles by the millions and has TERRIBLE air quality as well along with ALL the 3rd world countries scattered around the globe, then what the USA is doing is a drop in the ocean comparatively!
      I’m not saying we quit doing what we are, but we need to work towards lessening the effects and working towards green energy solutions at a pace that the engineering and technology and science can cope.
      The “green new deal” takes NOTHING into account of where the electricity, batteries, etc all come from and their impact on the economy! We do NOT have the electric charging stations to support ALL electric vehicles across the nation like we do for gas and diesel. And how is that electricity made currently, natural gas (fossil fuel), coal (fossil fuel), nuclear (????) Not that many to support the country, etc, etc, etc. And how about the resources needed to produce enough batteries with a finite supply of lithium? The science and the logistics just isn’t there yet!

  4. Did anyone think the earth. Heats up and then freezes then it starts all over again it’s been happening since the. World began let’s use nuclear and natural gas stop acting like spoiled brats your generation doesn’t know what hard work is you only know how to bitch!

  5. If they can’t kill us with the vaccines, they willl starve us out! They want the ranchers to destroy their cattle, because dingbat Cortez is concerned about “ cow farts”, ( bet SHE farts more than the cattle) but “ selected demonrat “ranchers won’t Have to, since they will be providing prime beef for the “ elites” in government! They will still have their prime rib, filet mignon, t-bones, porter house, and rib eye steaks on THEIR tables, while our babies and all of us starve! Low life rats, all of them! We need to stand up and fight back, stop this crap now!

  6. Human caused ”climate change” is a HOAX! Just another way for our current government criminals to STEAL 22 BILLION from the American taxpayers every year. Of whom they, [senators & congress] do NOT pay THEIR FAIR SHARE. Just look at Beijing Biden’s tax return for last year.

    Frankly, I firmly believe if we DEFUND the Democratic Party & jail 95% of them for crimes against the American People & Treason, we’d ALL be better off.

    That said; the other side isn’t much to write home about either with McConnell, Cheney & the rest of the gutless RINO’s sitting on their collective butts DOING NOTHING, but taking up space. It’s long past time America, to start electing CONSTITUTIONALIST to office. Our current pResident & legislative bodies have ABROGATED their OATHS OF OFFICE when they don’t ”Protect & Defend the Constitution.” We are a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC people, NOT a democracy!! Our founding fathers did NOT want MOB RULE! But REASONED discourse! THINK before you vote for ANYONE! Are they supporting the Constitution or are they mouthing platitudes without substance (i.e. a democrat)?

    BTW… NOTHING is FREE!! Someone, somewhere, sometime is going to have to foot the bill. If it ain’t YOU it’s gonna be your grandkids or great-grandkids! REMEMBER that too! I’m praying for us all my friends. God bless the U.S.A..

  7. It’s pathetic watching our country going to hell! Biden and his party should all be arrested for treason to this country! They complain about everything that is right and take away our rights! They are the worst people I have ever seen in my life and the only thing they have succeeded at was destroying this country!! I will only vote for people that defend our constitution!! I truly pray that these democrats get their butts whooped in this years elections and votes for the right people! Show them we hate their crap already! Another thing that these leftist are truly stupid and can’t read because if they could they would know that one judges opinion isn’t all the votes !! Not to mention your just murderers in fist place!! May god help you through the great throne of judgement!!

  8. Deplorable here. If we the people don’t take a stand soon the Dems and Rinos will destroy us. We The American People need to take them out now. Put there pay back as servants to the people, not the other way around. No benefits just people willing to keep American great. Not profit from it. Put these other traders to prison.

  9. First, 75%. of all Co2. comes from the oceans, not from Cars. So no Co2, No trees, No Trees, No OXYGEN, no Oxygen, a very dead planet Earth.!!
    As Rabbi Finkelstein said, We, he called us “GOYIM” None Jews, are using and burning THEIR!! Natural resources, so even if we are paying for it, it still belongs to the Jews?? Bill Gates said the same, plus we ware too many for them to be able to implement the New World Order (NWO), a more perfect population will be about 500.MILLION, not 6,7.BILLION.

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