Biden confirms he’s considering gas tax holiday

The White House is under pressure from all sides as the national average price of gasoline hovers around the $5.00 per gallon mark, with no real relief in sight, according to top economists. However, according to CNBC, President Joe Biden is nearing a final decision on declaring a federal gas tax holiday to bring consumers […]

Biden administration says ‘we don’t need’ more oil drilling in US

As energy prices soar, especially oil and gas, critics of the Biden administration have argued that simply encouraging increased domestic drilling would help begin to ease the country’s dependence on expensive, foreign fossil fuels. But President Joe Biden’s White House doesn’t believe that’s a proper solution to the ongoing problem, with White House press secretary […]

Summers: US ‘more likely than not’ to experience recession in next two years

As Americans continue to feel the sting of inflation-driven high prices on everyday goods and services, there are growing concerns that America could soon face the dreaded “R-word,” — a recession. As Bloomberg reported, ex-Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, who served under former President Barack Obama, warned CNN viewers on Sunday’s State of the Union that […]