State Department official shocks listeners, says he prefers high gas prices

A State Department official deleted his Twitter account after criticisms for saying he prefers high gas prices.

He noted that the increased gas costs lead to fewer carbon emissions.

“The controversy erupted Friday, when Alan Eyre, a longtime State Department staffer and senior foreign service officer, tweeted, ‘I prefer high gas prices = less driving, less CO2,'” the Washington Examiner reported.

“The tweet was in response to a post from President Joe Biden claiming American families were paying less per month on average than they were during ‘peak prices,'” it added.

The average gas prices nationwide have started to drop recently, though the country experienced record-level highs earlier this year.

The efforts are blamed by some on Democrats seeking to lower prices ahead of the November midterms. However, it may be far too late to correct the damage done both to gas costs and soaring inflation as the nation seeks relief from a declining economy since President Joe Biden entered office.

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