Schumer and Pelosi-affiliated groups pour millions in anonymous donor cash into midterm elections

According to federal records, dark money groups linked to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have pumped nearly $20 million in hidden donor funding into the midterm elections.

Over the last three years, non-profits that obscure their sources have invested $85 million in election-related activities.

The Senate Majority and House Majority PACs, which are linked to Schumer and Pelosi, have received campaign contributions. The PACs fund Senate and House Democrats, many of whom rage against the impact of dark money in politics.

Federal Election Commission records show, Majority Forward, a nonprofit that does not disclose its contributors on tax forms, has spent roughly $15 million on the midterm elections through the end of March.

The Senate Majority PAC received all of Majority Forward’s funds for the midterm elections, making it the organization’s greatest donor this cycle. Majority Forward and the PAC are both led by J.B Poersch, a long-time Schumer supporter. Both organizations share office space and staff.

A spokesperson for Majority Forward said to Fox News, “Let’s be clear: corporate Republicans are the only ones standing in the way of increasing transparency and making progress on campaign finance reform.”

“We look forward to the day when Mitch McConnell and the Senate Republicans stop blocking these badly needed reforms,” the spokesperson said. “Until then, we’ll continue to play by the rules of the current system and level the playing field for Democrats in the face of enormous corporate special interest spending on the other side.”

Majority Forward’s midterm funding comes on the heels of a $60 million investment in the 2020 elections by the group to assist Democrats to reclaim the Senate majority.  It has already invested $75 million in elections over the last two cycles, a significant increase from the $5.5 million it spent in 2016 and 2018.

The anonymous cash was routed into Schumer’s PAC by a Schumer-affiliated foundation, despite Schumer’s frequent criticism of dark money, which he claims “corrupted our politics.”

Schumer has also campaigned for conservative judicial groups to reveal their funders, despite the fact that he and other Democrats have profited from a number of dark money judicial groups.

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  2. Sounds like the democrats got caught with their hands in the cookie jar again. Maybe they will keep their hands out of the SS funds if we can get rid of the two at the top of the party Schumer and Polois

  3. These PACs should have to divulge their contributors. Democrats are corrupt and need to be voted out.

  4. Unfortunately these people will stop at nothing to get what they want, legally and illegally. They constantly lie about all things and coverup on a regular. They are the epitomy of the corrupt and worse of America.
    The only thing that can change America back to goodness, pride, honesty, righteousnous,
    Is GOD.He sees it all and I pray for all our sakes that he has the backs of the good and they will win. He alone can steer the path to what is right. Step up when HE calls on you!!

  5. If only, by catching the foul play! Nothing can change it now.
    It must be stopped! The whole election was a sham.
    Time they are made to pay up, by removing said parties from their visible THRONE’S!

  6. It seems the darker the day the more democrats shine on Republican misdeeds which if investigated will amount to nothing. But will open themselves to exposing them for who they truly are. Blatant liars every one of them.

  7. Arrest Schumer and Pelosi. Neither are fit for the office they’re holding, and both have committed a criminal offense.

  8. Pelosi and Schumer yell and whine when Republicans do the exact same thing they are doing! Talk about double standard! Pelosi and Schumer are PATHETIC AND CORRUPT!

  9. I am sick of Pelosi Schumer Soros Obama constantly receiving dark money to rig elections the American public is tired of it too these people need to be brought to justice and disciplined for their dirty money Soros needs to be deported and sodas Obama this past election was rigged and everybody knows it Democrats will lose because the American people hate them

  10. FACTO CRYPTOOOO!! Shame on everyone of US. The fact that Government is bought and sold like a garden vegetable is so beyond any moral boundaries !!! I give more credit to dictator’s than our government. Least they have the BALLS and GRIT to come out and take what they want ! no Panzie ass lame this is the way things work. PURE DeMocker every vote counts , even if its bought or forged or mailed by a MARSHUN !!! WE are a disgrace to US FLAG for which it STANDS FOR !!!! Shakespeare was right All La——-rs should have been killed. BUT one thing. IF THERE is a HELL I pray all lying POLOTICTIONS are the first to fill the fury of SIN!!!!! Frank

  11. Elections are bought and paid for by the people with Money and Influence!!! There should be absolute term limits on any political Party Candidate!!! Especially in the senate and House !!

  12. This money is from the money that Congress voted on for infrastructure and the thieving democrats know it….nobody donates big money for a lost cause….democrats steal tax dollars for whatever they want….VOTE REPUBLICAN…..

  13. This country was founded on Christian values. That’s why elected officials place right hand on top of the Bible as a pledge. To help Americans all their needs in raising the family.
    It is not helping themselves become wealthy.
    So there should be a reform on election voting and running for office.
    On voting day make it is a holiday. All those voting should go to a polling place. No mailed in ballot, no early voting. Those who sick on voting day should not vote. And those who are out of town should not vote.
    Limit the expenses of those who is s running for office:
    For Mayor is 10 million
    For congressman is 5 million
    For Governor is 30 million
    For Senator is 15 million
    For President 50 million
    All the money spent will come from the people. No donation from corporation or organization. All donation should go to Federal Election Commission. No donations to either party. The Federal Election Commission should distribute the money to Republican and Democratic parties evenly.

  14. When is Chuck Schumer going to stop holding on to Nancy dress ? Every time he speaks, he sounds as if he is afraid of someone. Nancy could afford to put Millions into the pot for Mid-Term, that is the stock money that she inherit when no one was watching her, but Nancy, I’m telling you now, you will lose your money, because every State would become RED in November. Mark your calendar.

  15. So what you going to do about it, nothing like you all been doing since this charade started,people are suffering not only from the lefts crimes ,but to from the republican party sitting around scratching there asses,throw the bastards to the masses and we’ll see they get what they deserve!

  16. Cheaters never stop cheating until they are held accountable for their actions.There should have been accountability in the election in 2020 when it was proven there was mass cheating,yet the leaders did nothing about it,because too many crooks involved,both parties!

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