Republicans press Hunter Biden’s business partner about role in Joe Biden’s finances

Hunter Biden associate Eric Schwerin was just grilled by House Committee on Oversight and Reform ranking member James Comer (R-KY) and 14 other Republicans, who demanded answers from Eric Schwerin on Wednesday concerning Hunter Biden’s role in President Joe Biden’s finances.

According to lawmakers, an alleged check transfer from Joe to Hunter in 2010 “raises questions” about “what role his son played in managing the president’s finances.”

Schwerin is Hunter Biden’s business partner, and according to White House visitor logs, he visited the White House 27 times between 2009 and 2016. The Republicans say, both Hunter and Schwerin headed Rosemont Seneca Partners, which has been tied to illegal financial deals involving Joe Biden.

Schwerin is said to have met with then-Vice President Joe Biden and his Chief of Staff Steve Ricchetti at least nine times in the White House. Ricchetti is President Biden’s White House counsel and served as the vice president’s chief of staff from 2013 to 2017.

The press release stated that the Republicans asked Schwerin to come clean about “his receiving and facilitating the transfer of then-Vice President Joe Biden’s tax refund check to Hunter Biden.”

“How much money President Biden owed his son and what role his son had in managing the President’s finances,” the Republicans questioned. “Information regarding the transaction and any other instances of President Biden owing money to Hunter Biden,” they added.

Joe Biden has denied any role in Hunter’s family business affairs on numerous occasions. Schwerin’s frequent visits to the White House, on the other hand, indicate otherwise.

In 2019, he remarked, “I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings.” Schwerin’s visits to the White House were dismissed by White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Tuesday as “visits from more than ten years ago.”


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  1. Biden is a crook! His entire family is involved. A family affair. It is disgusting that we have so many in the House, Senate, politicians period by by myi are crypt! They take from from the middle class to spend our money, not the Democrats. We are sold all talk and NO support for the USA. But we are in the dark most of the time.

    1. Joe and Jill Biden is in control of the Biggest Crime Family to operate in the USA. The reason stands the man does not have any brains left and is an idiot.
      His brain was so powerful at one time and capable of majestrating the largest Mob of killers and crooks in a very well kept order through the years.

  2. Hunter Biden has not been elected to anything. Has Biden has been corrupted by his ambitions? I don’t believe that he was always like that.
    That the leader of the free world is a puppet pulled by strings that do not respect Our Constitution should by now be clear to anyone not incapacitated by the paid for Press. This is incomprehensible to people who LEGALLY emigrated to the US, leaving behind all.
    We are a Constitutional Republic. It is adherence to Our constitution that makes us a Democracy. When the followers seek to take away our constitutional rights of free speech, freedom of Religion, the right to bear arms they have no right to say one word about “Democracy”.

  3. I think more investigating of why hunter biden was managing his father’s finances. I think hunter biden needs to be locked up for child trafficking and drug abuse and laundrying money overseas. I think all money that he made from Ukraine or whoever he’s getting his money from, follow the paper trail I think his assets should be frozen until all bank account are true. . Biden needs to be investigated fully from starting when he was vice president and now

  4. If Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, or Schwerin do not answer questions then just follow the paperwork & start ur own paperwork for impeachment!

  5. Joe and Hunter need to be cell mates in prison! They are both lying crooks, and oh so smug about their shady deals! They think they are above the law, like all demonrats! Send old Piglosi , schumer, schiff, swalwell, and the squad as well. They would all look so fine in the orange jumpsuits!

  6. Biden is a criminal and should be tried, he isn’t even a smart criminal!! Thank god for the support he go from the uninformed America people or he would be in Jail!!

  7. Would somebody please tell Joe Biden Hunter Biden is his son and NOT Trump’s Son , What does Trump have to do with Joe Biden’s sons , Dirty dealings from the Democrats as usual NOTHING ,else That’s what ! I mean Really .Hunter Biden is Joe Biden’s Son period ! Ask Joe Biden why his polling Numbers are in the Toilet ,is he aware of that ?

  8. The election was Stolen , We all Know That , Nobody is so Stupid to Vote For Joe Biden ! LMAO … He Campaigned from his basement for Christ Sake reading q Cards from Kamala Harris cause she can’t read !

  9. The Biden’s are an immoral family. His son went after his brothers widow. sick sick sick is he so hard up he can not get dates not related to the family, talk about inside trading, his pop likes them younger every time a young and i mean well under 21 he strokes hair and pulls them in toward his genital area. sick puppy sick He needs help just a very dirty old man

  10. This is so distressing and corrupt any way you look at it. We have a President that is compromised and clearly ill. People retire at 65 because they start into cognitive decline and Joe is what, 80? He lies to us full time as he destroys our country one pen stroke at a time. His usefulness to his party is done and Shame on Jill Biden for allowing this.

  11. I Think he s a fool the President. also i hope there is a way that Mr trunp i mead the 46 Preaident can stay in office till he get this USA back at number 1 in the world. get our country back on track

    Gene wartenbee

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