Republicans claim that Google’s spam filter cost them $2 billion in donations

Since 2019, the Republican National Committee chairman and GOP lawmakers claim that Google’s practice of classifying Republican campaign emails as spam has cost the party $2 billion in donations.

Republicans based their calculations on a North Carolina State University investigation that revealed Google, the country’s largest email provider, identified up to 32% fewer Republican campaign emails for mailbox delivery than Democratic emails throughout the 2020 election season.

“Big Tech has been silencing conservative voices and actively working against Republicans for multiple cycles,” Ronna McDaniel, Rick Scott, and Tom Emmer, the chairs of the Republican National Committee, National Republican Senatorial Committee, and National Republican Campaign Committee, said in a joint statement.

“Google’s email suppression — which affects the GOP’s fundraising and GOTV efforts — is another egregious example. Silicon Valley oligarchs are suppressing free political speech,” they added.

Email users can alter their preferences to avoid campaign messages from showing up in the spam folder, according to Google, which denies filtering spam for political reasons.

According to a March study from North Carolina State University, more Democratic emails were filtered into spam folders by Outlook and Yahoo.

In an effort to combat Big Tech censorship that they believe targets the GOP, House, and Senate Republicans introduced legislation earlier this year that will prevent Google and other email providers from filtering campaign emails.

Conservative Republicans claimed in a complaint filed earlier this year with the Federal Election Commission that in 2019 and 2020, Gmail users donated $737 million to Republican politicians on the fundraising website WinRed. “We estimate that as a result, Republicans have missed out on contributions totaling $1.5 billion during the 2020 election cycle and over $2 billion since 2019.”

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  1. That is another reason to avoid the Dems, they are thief’s on top of lying, paying people to vote, even Harris admitted to being one of them.

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