Report: Majority of Americans support suspending federal and state gas taxes

According to a Politico/Morning Consult poll released on Wednesday, an overwhelming majority of Americans support a temporary exemption from federal and state gasoline taxes as a means of lowering the soaring cost of gasoline.

73 percent of respondents support suspending the federal gas tax to alleviate their suffering at the pump, while 72 percent support the same for state fuel taxes.

Only 14% reject a one-time exemption from paying the federal gas tax. While the vast majority of people favor a break, only 13% are undecided.

When asked if a temporary exemption from paying state taxes at the pump would be a good strategy to lower gas prices, 72 percent said yes. 42 percent of those polled strongly support it.

A majority of respondents also said they support the federal government releasing some of the oil from the country’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve, though the percentage was not as high (SPR). Sixty-four percent of those polled indicated they agree, with 33 percent saying they strongly agree.

Oil firms have faced numerous challenges domestically as oil and gas prices have surged under President Joe Biden’s leadership as the administration strives for American energy independence.

As the Biden administration works for a world without oil, oil investment becomes scarcer, increasing the country’s reliance on foreign oil.

The cancellation of the Keystone XL Pipeline, the suspension of oil and gas leasing on public lands and waterways, the halting of federal financing for oil and gas projects overseas, and the suspension of oil drilling leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge are all reasons for this (ANWR).

Indeed, although Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm previously stated that the government would not impose a cap on crude oil exports, Biden relaxed sanctions on Russia’s Nord Stream 2 project, reducing American energy exports.

All of this comes as Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg suggests that Americans who are experiencing high gas costs convert to electric vehicles to save money.

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  1. Buy an electric car?!!!!!! With what money….they r expensive..I am having a difficult time paying the high gas prices, imagine how much cash I need to buy an electric car?

  2. Like everyone has spare cash lying around to just run out and buy an electric car. Where does all that power come from to charge your electric car? From fossil fuels that generate the electricity.

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