Report: Hunter Biden still financially involved in Chinese companies

As the mainstream media slowly begins to look at Hunter Biden, specifically with regard to his numerous foreign business transactions while his father, Joe Biden, was vice president, new information was revealed that suggests he still holds an interest in a particular Chinese firm.

It matters even more in the wake of his father, President Joe Biden, authorizing the sale of nearly 1 million barrels of oil from the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve to Chinese interests connected to the firm with which Hunter Biden still might be vested.

In the name of avoiding conflicts of interest, Hunter Biden’s reported stake in a Chinese firm was repeatedly questioned by the mainstream media last year, in the wake of his father winning the 2020 election. His lawyer, Chris Clark, insisted at the time that the junior Biden had fully divested such holdings.

Apparently, that might not be entirely accurate, according to Chinese business records, as Breitbart reported.

The outlet reported:

Skaneateles, a company Hunter Biden founded with a ten percent stake in BHR Partners, still holds a ten percent interest in the company despite claims to the contrary, according to Chinese business records.

Breitbart cited a Washington Examiner report noting that current Chinese business records still have Skaneateles listed as a 10% shareholder in BHR.

To be fair, Breitbart noted that the Chinese records could simply be an outdated version of the reality of the current financial situation, but also noted that due to Hunter Biden’s position, such an error or failure to update the record would be unlikely.

While President Biden has repeatedly insisted that he’s completely unfamiliar with his son’s various business dealings, especially those concerning China, multiple instances of his connections to Hunter’s dealings have been reported.

“Before July, Hunter was not the only Biden with a connection to BHR Partners. In 2017, Joe Biden wrote a college recommendation letter for a child of Hunter’s Chinese business partner, Jonathan Li, with whom Joe Biden met in China. Li is CEO of BHR,” Breitbart noted.

The White House continues to stand by Joe Biden’s insistence that he’s not involved with the family business.

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  1. Personally they both are horrible, our country is in the worse shape I can ever remember. Carter was bad, Obama was worse, now Biden is the very worse.

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