Rep. Steube discusses the urgent necessity for legislation prohibiting Russian oil imports.

If Nancy PelosiĀ is serious about banning Russian oil imports, the House should vote on a bill banning Russian oil imports on Monday and send the bill to the Senate, where Senate Democrats who have expressed support for banning Russian oil imports can put the bill on President Joe Biden’s desk.

Rep. Greg Steube, R-Fla., calls on Congress to bring a bill to President Biden’s desk to end Russian oil imports as Democrats back the plan.

William Gregory Steube an American attorney and politician serving as the U.S. representative for Florida’s 17th congressional district since 2019 replied to House Speaker Rep. Paul Ryan on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends First” on Friday.

“Well, let’s do it,” Steube said. “I mean, I don’t really care how he reacts right now. Let’s send a bill to him.”

“If Pelosi is suddenly stating that we’re going to prohibit Russian oil, I’ve cosponsored a number of Republican bills that would accomplish exactly that,” Steube continued. “Why don’t we do it now, since Pfluger has one from Texas? We were in Washington for votes the other day. On Monday, we’ll be in Washington.”

“Let’s have a bill on Monday evening when we’re all up there, and let’s vote to do it, and send that it to the Senate, if she truly feels passionate about it and it’s not just words,” the lawmaker said.

“Put it on Biden’s desk and see what he does if Elizabeth Warren and other Democrats are willing to support it and it passes the House and Senate.”

“You know, in the State of the Union, he says, America first, we’re going to promote American products, put your money where your mouth is on oil and gas,” he concluded.






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