Putin admits ‘unprecedented pressure’ of sanctions on Russian economy

Though he launched an invasion of Ukraine with his characteristic bluster and bravado, Russian President Vladimir Putin recently acknowledged the economic collapse his countrymen are now facing as a result of severe sanctions imposed by the West, as the Washington Examiner reports.

Last week, Putin delivered a fiery missive in which he blasted America and its allies while also seeming to admit the extent of the pain resulting from the economic punishments they have imposed in response to his aggression against his neighbor.

“Indeed, it is difficult for us at the moment. Russian financial companies, major enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses are facing unprecedented pressure,” Putin explained.

“Clearly…we will have to make deep structural changes in our economy, and I will not pretend that they will be easy or that they will not lead to a temporary increase in inflation and unemployment,” he added.

Turning to the material impact on the rank-and-file citizenry in his country, Putin stated, “I am aware that the price hikes are a big blow to people’s incomes. So we will take action to increase all social payments shortly, including benefits and pensions.”

Putin underscored his belief that the sanctions “are aimed at worsening the lives of millions of people,” and he claimed that they were inevitable, regardless of whether he initiated the conflict in which his nation is currently engaged.

“One should clearly understand that the new set of sanctions and restrictions against us would have followed in any case, I want to emphasize this. Our military operation in Ukraine is just a pretext for the next sanctions,” he said, according to the Associated Press.

As crippling as sanctions from the West have already been to Russia’s economy, Ukrainian lawmaker Maryan Zablotskyy asserted last week that if China were to join in opposition to Putin’s conduct, that nation could deal a “decisive blow” to his chances of success, as Fox Business noted.

Though President Joe Biden took part in a two-hour conversation with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday and warned of “consequences” his nation would face if it provided assistance in furtherance of Putin’s aims, it remains to be seen whether that admonition will have any effect in terms of further isolating the Russian leader in the eyes of the world.

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  1. It is wonderful to see that Putin has admitted that the actions taken against Putin are hurting him. Although the deaths he has caused are much greater the sanctions. The Russian People must rise up and put him in jail and stop all action against Ukraine. It is a shame that the people and most of all the little children who have died will not have died in VAIN!

  2. How could the coward biden tell China what will happen to China when the coward biden has been taking money’s from China also the coward biden takes off the sanctions there is a lot Biden is for china and are enemy’s

  3. I honestly believe Putin went in there to destroy the biolabs and the trafficking of children. Until I hear something more believable I’m sticking with this. If this is what Putin has done then he is a hero for all God’s people.

  4. I think that Putin has made the Russian people weak. I’m sure there are those that don’t approve of what Putin has done to Ukraine, but they are helpless, just like the American people are at times. But, all of those weak people should rise up and get rid of Putin and his cronnies or commies. Putin is just another Hitler and will continue to do the same as Hitler did, if someone doesn’t step up to stop him. I feel sorry for the people of Ukraine and especially the children. How soon will they pin war crimes on Putin, because everything he has done would be considered war crimes.

  5. I abhor what Putin has done to Ukraine immensely! Hiwever, there is more than one culprit here! This is joe bidens War, deliberately started to cover up the corruption in that country in unison with American politicians that have been using Ukraine as a cash cow!! Then there is the 30 or so Biolabs our Defense dept, NOT a Health Agency has there, creating Biological Warfare weapons!! And who would be Bidens targets? Russia and China!! Putin has brought all this to the surface and now several countries are demanding an investigation! Btw, it is not a Democracy, when Zelensky can shut down 11 opposing political parties, close all tv stations that opposed him, and combined the rest into ONE that he can control!! Ukraine is the biggest contributor to the zclinton zfoundation ever, and it is the Poorest. Nation In Europe! Now where do you think that money came from? Do you think it could have been stolen from the USA and funneled back through offshore accts?? The Truth will cone out, unless Putin loses!

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