President Zelenskyy appears to take a swipe at Biden for his inactivity in the face of Russian aggression

On Saturday, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy appeared to take a swipe at President Joe Biden, telling members of Congress that the Biden administration’s silence in the face of Russian aggression aided Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“There would have been no war if you had started sanctions months ago,” Zelenskyy remarked.

Zelenskyy argued that if the US had shown its might on the international scene, Russia would not have invaded his country, During a video conference with over 280 members of the US House and Senate.

The Biden administration justified its choice not to impose sanctions on Moscow despite significant warning signals of an approaching attack just days before it started its full-scale invasion.

At the time, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that imposing sanctions would essentially imply the US government relinquishing its leverage over Russia because sanctions are intended to “attempt to prevent Russia from going to war.” Withholding sanctions clearly did not work.

Despite this, Zelenskyy encouraged the US administration to impose increasingly tough penalties on Moscow, including an embargo on Russian oil and begged with the US to assist Ukraine in acquiring more fighter jets for its air force during his call with US congressmen.

Senator Josh David Hawley an American politician, lawyer, and former professor later told Fox News, “He stressed again that an embargo on Russia, particularly their oil and natural gas, was very important.”

Zelenskyy stopped short of asking for an actual no-fly zone but stated repeatedly that a victory for Ukraine would imply victory in the air battle, According to the Washington Post.

However, politicians from both parties advocate shutting off Russia’s oil supply. Last Monday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi urged, “Ban it,” while Senate Democrat No. 2 Dick Durban stated, “It absolutely infuriates me to think that we are dependent on Russian gas and oil.”

However, according to Blinken, NATO has been given the “green light” to send more fighter jets to Ukraine, but a no-fly zone remains out of the question because of concerns that it might exacerbate the conflict.

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