Poll: Most Americans say Joe Biden should step down if gas prices skyrocket to $8 per gallon

The majority of Americans reportedly believe that resident Joe Biden should step down from his position if the price of gas reaches $8 per gallon.

According to a report by Breitbart News the a Convention of States Action/Trafalgar Group survey released on Tuesday found the immense frustration among Americans has heightened.

“If you have to pay $8/gallon for gas, do you believe President Biden should step down for mishandling U.S. energy production?” the survey asked.

Of those polled, overall, 58.6% of both Republicans and Democrats believe Biden should step down in that scenario, and just 36.2% disagree.

“Opinions are predictably divided along party lines, as 62.5 percent of Democrats do not believe Biden should step down for mishandling U.S. energy production, even if gas prices climb to $8 a gallon,” Breitbart reported.

“However, 81.8 percent of Republicans and 67.1 percent of independents believe he should if that occurs.”

The survey asked 1,075 likely general election voters between March 18-21, 2022 what their thoughts were on the current administration, and the results were decidedly negative toward the current administration.

As of Tuesday the national average standing around $4.244 and Americans have continued to deal with skyrocketing gas prices over the past few months. California is currently reporting the highest gas price average in the nation, nearing $6 — $5.919 with the average well over well over $6 in some California counties, such as Mono.

Biden has refused to take responsibility for the price hike, despite quashing American energy independence since taking office. A recent Republican Study Committee (RSC) memo indicating just how Biden “has waged an unprecedented, government-wide assault on our nation’s ability to produce cheap, reliable energy.”

“If you make U.S. energy production more expensive and difficult, then the price of gas goes up,” RSC Chairman Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) told Fox Business. “It’s not complicated, and it’s why Americans are paying over $4 at the pump.”

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  1. He should have resigned after the Afganistan screw-up. He is a disgustingly poor excuse for a president and his VP isn’t any better. I have never doubted that the democrats did everything they could to put him in power and now we all suffer.

  2. Biden should leave government at all cost – he’s done nothing but destroys America — Biden is satan in the flesh

  3. It is his fault all of it, the buck stops at the top and starts there also, He needs to be impeached if they fight it fire him or ever what the need to do we Americans can no longer let hm sink us any lower. He is doing all this on purpose any one with a school education can see this. The day he started with those dumb Ex orders. It was planned.

  4. He’s doing exactly what he was told to do this is all part of the overall big picture and big plan do you research everything happens for a reason on this Earth

    1. Biden has no idea what he’s doing. He has no clue what day it is or where he’s at. He has messed up the country so bad there’s no way he can get it back. This man should have been impeached along time ago, but no one has the ba–s to start the impeachment. SHAMEFUL.

  5. GOD our Heavenly Father is still in charge and his WILL , shall be regardless of what mankind thinks or does. Sometimes he uses evil man to accomplish his Will. So be it. AmenAmen.

  6. Yes, Biden’s mentally incapable of running our country. I would like to know who is making all the decisions to destroy America likes happening.

  7. Biden should step down his not fit for president as no idea how to run this country
    And everyone that has other ideas about this Nation needs too step down from there position and credentials be strip.

  8. It’s disgraceful how everything that happened while President Trump, (and he will ALWAYS be our president) was in office was a lie, but the truth is worse than the lies they told. The lies that didn’t hurt us as much as the idiots that run the country now are doing, what are “WE THE PEOPLE”, that President Trump fought so hard for, even while battling lies the left commies told, doing to stand up for OUR rights and the rights of our President Trump? It sickens me to see what WE are allowing this admin. of evil doers to do to this wonderful country that everyone wanted to escape to and live a decent life with our families. THIS IS NOT THAT COUNTRY ANY LONGER, and yet it is still better than most anywhere else. Soooooooooo Sad!!!

  9. Joe is not following our laws or protecting our country He should be impeached and completely investigated. Including
    his role as VP.

  10. Biden and the left are trying to change the fabric of our country by letting numerous immigrants in our country and make this a socialist state not the capitalist and free society we Americans now love. The steps trying to kill our economy and get rid of the middle class. We need a new President and NOT Kamela Harris who is more of a loser th than Biden. Who is running our country anyway?

  11. We have a nut case in charge at the W.H. The green new deal being is a sham by a few in Congress and Cary. The power company’s love this as rates will rise and theire lnvesrtors will reap a bundle. SEMPER FI Masrer Gunny Sgt.
    USMC retired

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