Poll: Joe Biden’s economy ranks as the top concern 43 weeks in a row

According to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Thursday, President Joe Biden’s economy has been Americans’ top worry for 43 weeks in a row.

Americans are most concerned about the economy (33%), followed by crime (11%), the environment (6%), terrorism (5%), and immigration (5%).

The polling illustrates Biden’s economic management, which has been responsible for 40-year high inflation, skyrocketing gas prices, rising housing expenses, and declining real wages.

The Fed has raised interest rates to address several of these issues, which might cause the economy to slow down even more and send the country into a recession.

The U.S. economy will experience a recession by 2023, according to economists at Nomura Holdings Inc.

The Ipsos survey also revealed that Biden’s approval rating dropped to its lowest level ever, 35%. However, the survey does not reflect Biden’s administration at its worst. According to a Civiqs poll conducted on Sunday, Biden has a 30% approval rating.

However, since the tragic pullout from Afghanistan, which left thousands of Americans stuck behind enemy lines and resulted in the deaths of 13 American soldiers, Biden’s support ratings have hovered below 50%.

Since the pullout, Democrats are supporting Biden less. As per Civiqs, only 64% of Democrats on Thursday approved of Biden, down from 88% since last July. Since August, Biden’s approval rating has fallen from the upper 80s.

A total of 1,003 adults participated in the Reuters/Ipsos survey, which had a four percentage point margin of error. Democrats (437) made up a larger portion of the sample than Republicans (377).

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  1. Wondering why , if Biden is so “economically astute” , why did he stop all drilling of oil, stop the XL Pipeline , and then SEND OIL to another country? Did he get his economics degree from AOC University ?

  2. Who are these 64% of Democrats that still approve of this corrupt, evil, America Last POS? Who could possibly think Biden is good for this country? Are they in bed with Russia and China also? I am getting fed up with these people who possibly can think America is going in the right direction. Wake up FOOLS.

  3. Lorraine, I feel the same way that you do. You used the right word when you called them stupid. I always say that the difference between ignorance and stupidity is that ignorance can be overcome with learning but there’s no remedy for stupidity. Many of the Democrats are well educated and some are wealthy, but they are too stupid to know that they have to suffer right along with us because of Biden and his immoral administration.

  4. Biden is following the “ Obama agenda” of destroying our country from the inside. He ( Obama) started it as soon as he took office, stold two elections and began the racial divide of our country! He is STILL doing it through his stooge Biden! Why does no one see this? He tells us what and whom he is everytime he opens his lying mouth. He is setting himself up to be the leader of the NWO, and brainwashed people will back him and “ big mike” the race baiter! Wake up folks, pay attention to what is REALLY going on! It isn’t rocket science, just takes a bit of common sense to sort out what he is doing! He is using Biden as his weapon against us, and laughing in our faces, as he grafts more and more money!

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