Pendley: Biden has declared war on oil and energy industry with sham lease policy

The Biden administration’s announcement on April 15 concerning the “resumption” of federal oil and gas leasing was among the most dishonest, cynical, and toxically politicized announcements ever made in a city notorious for its duplicity, cynicism, and toxic partisanship.

The federal government announced the announcement in response to a federal court order to resume leasing ten months earlier, wrote Attorney and aid to multiple presidents William Perry Pendley for Breitbart on Saturday.

The Mineral Leasing Act requires the federal government, specifically the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), which oversees 245 million acres of surface and 700 million acres of the mineral estate, to conduct quarterly sales of oil and gas leases on lands that are not otherwise off-limits to that activity.

President Biden halted the sales during his first week in office, but a federal district judge in Louisiana determined that the “pause” was unlawful on June 14, 2021.

The Biden administration filed an appeal and stated that it was making efforts to comply with the judge’s decision, but the latter was taken slowly. Thus, the West, which contains the majority of BLM holdings, entered its sixth quarter without a lease auction just a few days ago.

That was only the beginning. Biden canceled the Keystone XL pipeline, pushed for onerous rules to make energy production more expensive, and fought against oil and gas companies’ ability to acquire finance. The cost of energy began to rise.

In response, Biden went hat-in-hand with Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Venezuela, pleading with them to raise their production rather than us in the West. Biden used the Strategic Petroleum Reserve twice. Despite this, energy prices continued to rise, and Americans blamed Biden.

As a result, on Good Friday, Biden reversed a campaign commitment to prohibit oil and gas leasing on public lands.

Progressives who are shocked by Biden’s decision have either not read the fine print or are complicit in the deception, explained Pendley, as Biden reduced 80% of the land available for leasing and raised the cost of operating those leases by 50%, observed Pendley. Biden is doing what radical environmentalists desire when they demand that we “leave” fossil resources “in the ground” without saying so.

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  1. Typically marxist bait & switch tactic! Creat division & chaos! The leftist who run the democratic party CANNOT be TRUSTED….NEVER!

  2. What a bunch of garbage that our so called president is doing to the American people, he needs to go!

  3. He is a fool and a lier and a criminal dumbacrat that needs to be gone now because of his political history in the US i will be waiting to see what he does to the people who are not going to be behind him because he is a lier and a criminal

    1. right on richard biden needs to be impeached or resign now. he isnt for us americans and the united states of america. he has taken every rule that the constitution stands for threw it in the garbage. his numbers are going in the toilet. and so is kamamla harris both belong in the toilet.we want trump now.

  4. Why would anyone be surprised the Demorats need to be in charge. They will do anything to break the American citizen then they will be able to control us. What good is the green new deal if no one can afford it. All a bunch of bull doo. They just don’t care if we survive. we are not to bright we still pay them to screw us over. WAKE UP AMERICA BEFORE IT TO LATE111111111111111111111111111111111111111111

  5. People are scratching their heads when we hear about some new dumb deal by the senile, old, decrepit incapable, POTUS……I am scared for our country. Prayers that we can hold out until the mid term election and then to 2024, getting Trump back in the White House.

  6. Biden has been the worst President in my life time and I’m 81 years old! He continues to thumb his nose at us and has destroyed our energy system! We want our oil line started again and we don’t want any stops on the leases either! He’s transform our borders open to anyone and taking on all comers despite the outcry from us t stop! The Supreme Court said they must stay in Mexico until they get their status and he’s even defied the court ruling! I feel as many do that he’s out to destroy our Constitution and take all our rights away! I hope and pray we can rid of him and that worthless VP and all the Democrats that have held up our Progress and think that Congress is their life’s work ! We need a law to limit their stay in Congress so that don’t just stiffle our country to move on! I hope the next election show them we need business and get a new Congress that are for the people instead of their dreaded adgendas!

  7. Biden is and has proven that he is an asshole and a stupid one at that.. we need to get rid of him at all costs…

  8. May-be he has a la-git excuse ????? I always thought N. Pelosk__ EEE was SATAN’S left NUT ::: May Bid—-n is SATAN’ RIGHT NUT ????? I’am really a open minded 67 year old MAN or FEMALE ???? My teacher never told me what sex I was ??? BUT ! It seems with these 2 nuts and the rest of DEMOCRATORS ! LOOKS LIKE A BIG D___K or PEN-S GOD or some one HELP us all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. He’s a criminal, he lies, he cheats, he flip flops, he lets the kenyan be his spokesman cause he isnt capable. Hes a trainwreck ansd He will have to deal with We The People! Has he and his assparty done anthing positive while in office? NO! Does he care what happens in our country? NO! Is he doing anything to bascktrack in all his insane policies domestic or foreign? NO!

    1. I agree with your statement with the exception that ” he does not care what happens in our country.” He does care if the country should ever recover from his disastrous reign. He wants the country destroyed and is doing everything possible to make that happen.

  10. what is wrong with american people? You have known from day one he is crazy.Just wants to show what he can do to hurt american people.The best president we had was DonaldTrump. You did not have all this mess you have now.Joe Biden started it all when he closed the pipeline,This country was a lot better off when Trump was our president.

  11. alicia your 100% right he needs to go and so does his buddies demorats need to go. obama is running our country he has his 3rd term.biden is only his puppet. when nancy pelosi kissed obamas hand that told the truth who is running our country. biden is his puppet.we want a real president to run our county andthat is president donald j trump now.

  12. In reality one needs a brain to make any kind of decision, all this time I have not seen one hint that Biden has a brain or ever has had a brain . He is selfish , self centered , and only cares about making money , that’s why he wanted to be president, and he is so dim witted that he never realized that the democrats were only using him so they could try to get ahead of trump . God has a very special place for people like that , Obama got his third term and Soros is getting to watch America be taken down , and Biden gets to act like he has a brain . I

    1. be careful what you say OK i want to see done what you state But that can get you in trouble why i sounds like insurection , so please keep yourself under control i do not wish you or anyone else be arrested because that sounds like what i sated altho a few days ago i had a double take when i heard Biden speech I said out loud The sounds like he just called for insurection He told all Dems to go out and take the rest of US people down because what ever upset him he did not LIKE, or you can say he called for Civil War one of the 2, But i have Not heard one New channel or any other person make a statement on what Biden stated on TV an i would like to know Why No One has not said a darn word

  13. He is pandering to the progressive socialists and absolutely doing everything possible to hurt the American citizens. The administration hates America because the far left wants it that way. They insist on doing everything in their power to bring the country down so everyone is completely dependent on the government. This must stop before there is no America left.

  14. His entire administration are Obama cabinet people! So—- who is running the country? You guessed it obama! He needs to be ridden out of D.C. on a rail, along with Biden, Harris, Piglosi, Schumer, schiff, the squad, swalwell and others( after they are tarred and feathered) and send Soros back to Hungary! What a parade that would be, right down Pennsylvania Avenue, for all the world to see! They so richly deserve it! This dumpster fire called the obiden administration, needs to be put OUT! And fast!

    1. Soros needs to face criminal charges! He is financing antifa’s And blm’s terrorist activity. Also funded the invasion of of our country thru Mexico by an assortment of paid Mex and terrorist from any other country to invade before obiden opened up the Mex border 13 months ago.

  15. .What a complete disaster, we would all like to know who is pulling the strings on the President?. This administration does not care at all about us, it’s strictly payback to someone. Certainly hope this country makes it to the next election, doesn’t look promising.

  16. Biden is the most incompetent battery that ever lived in D. C. How many years has he served as a Senator? Around 40 I believe. Never accomplished a thing,, never contributed.. it’s obvious he is anti-American, he continues to put additional burdens on Americans, especially seniors. He’s not running the country but has to have someone else make decisions. May God help us if we go to war with China or Russia. I personally think China and Russia has things on Biden and are blackmailing him to make some of the stupid decisions he’s making. He needs to go now along with Kamala Harris and Pelosi.

  17. Biden said nothing about fake ass Obama plus he’s been in Gov since the 70s and failed. The American people we did not elect him we ain’t dumb assess. He was installed like a toilet!

  18. The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) are actually the ones controlling the USA as they have done for decades except when President trump was in office and they are the puppet masters of Biden, Harris, Obama and ALL the Democrats, many RINO so called Republicans as well as the Democrat and Republican Establishments. The CFR’s goal is to destroy the USA, which is the same goal that they have had for decades. All of their members and puppets MUST be arrested and prosecuted for Sedition and spend the rest of their life in prison.

    1. NWO!!! Deceased pres Bush was on the CFR & others he spoke about this with his infamous speech about a thousand points of light.
      Agenda 21 /2030 – serious world depopulation efforts in pursuit of NWO are in process as we write.

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