Pelosi warns baby formula shortage could trigger indictments

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi warned on Tuesday that criminal charges could be filed in the United States over the ongoing baby formula shortage, stating that an “indictment” may be required until investigations into the cause of the crisis are completed.

Pelosi made the statement during a press conference on the formula scarcity on Tuesday. She believes “there might be a need for indictment” once “all of this is done.”

After House Appropriations Committee Chair Rosa DeLauro promised that her panel would investigate Abbott Nutrition, the company that issued product recalls and shut down a major manufacturing plant in February amid a US Food and Drug Administration investigation for possible contamination.

Pelosi raised the possibility of prosecution during a press conference with fellow Democrats.

“People have to be accountable,” DeLauro added, “whether it’s at the FDA or at Abbott.”

Following allegations that four babies who drank products prepared at the factory were ill with bacterial illnesses, Abbott voluntarily closed its plant in Sturgis, Michigan. Two of the children perished.

The business subsequently admitted that its recall exacerbated the industry-wide formula shortage, but claims that “there is no evidence to link our formulas to these infant illnesses following a thorough review of all available data.”

Pelosi said that the infants who died ate “contaminated” formula, calling it “sinful” and saying that “that’s one thing they’ll be looking at.”

“But when it comes to babies, it’s the here and now and at this moment,” the speaker continued, referring to supply chain concerns that have also contributed to shortages.

“I think that when all of this is said and done – I’m not associating by colleagues with what I’m going to say right now – I’m just saying it myself: I think there might be a need for indictment,” She continued.

Abbott did not immediately react to a request for comment from FOX Business about Pelosi’s statements.

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  1. An indictment should be leveled against Biden, his handlers, and impeachment should follow. Biden’s administration has sent almost all formula to the border and the he// with American infants. It seems the evil democrats want American babies either aborted or starved to death. Side note more black babies are aborted than any others. Margaret Sanger was a racist and wanted black people to be eliminated entirely.

  2. they are concerned about babies dying due to infant formula consumption but they are not so concerned about babies being aborted everyday. I don’t see their reasoning here.

  3. Pelosi is ready to have “indictment charges” filed against anyone-person-company to avoid exposing the corruption and mismanagement of the Democratic party. She and her ilk will do anything to avoid exposure and indictments justly filed against them and exposing “Party over People” stance.
    Another reason we desperately need term limits, avoid any politician from becoming lobbyist for 5 years after they are replaced and possibly clean out the “ruling class” that present political fixtures have anointed themselves as above the people they claim to represent.

  4. Why did Biden send pallets to the border for the illegals???? He should be indicted for killing American babies. He is the worst thing that has happened to our country in all the years I have been alive.

    1. Agree, The WH Biden Administration to include Senators, Congressmen, Governors, Media, and all of his Woke Followers are Killers. First our Veterans in Afghanistan, then allowing open borders & poisoned drugs,
      and now our Babies!! This is Communism!!!

  5. Suddenly, Pelosi cares about babies? I don’t think she knows which side of the fence to stand on anymore. She is an absolute disgrace to humanity and if anyone should be indicted it should be her and her cronies. Just think how much her overall net worth grew since the start of the pandemic! If Martha Stewart can do jail time for Insider trading every single one of them should too!

  6. Pelosi is nothing but a drunk! If she wants to indict someone then she better start with the fake president Biden! He sent all the baby formula to Ukraine and the border!! She really should just shut the hell up!

  7. can’t wait for pettypelosi’s face when the indictment comes thru with sleepy/creepy’s name on it!

  8. I agree! Worst President ever! His ties to China should be investigated! Also I believe he has broken numerous laws!

  9. They never allow a crisis to go unused to deflect their terrible decisions and policies. Why send formula to the border only to be stock piled and saved for the illegal aliens coming across our borders. Our citizens need it, so bring it back and make America first. Pelosi and Biden should be indicted first.

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