Obama judge dismisses lawsuits by illegal immigrants who sought COVID stimulus checks

An Obama-appointed judge in Maryland dismissed a lawsuit against illegal immigrants who pursued COVID-19 stimulus checks.

Judge Ellen Hollander dismissed the case, claiming it violated the Anti-Injunction Act.

“The main thing stimulus checks for illegal aliens would stimulate is more illegal immigration,” Dale Wilcox, with the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI), said in a statement.

“Congress knew that, and was absolutely right to reserve the stimulus for American citizens and certain legal aliens,” Wilcox added. “We are pleased that the court dismissed this meritless lawsuit, which had no basis in the Constitution.”

The stimulus checks were among some of the largest in the U.S. government’s history. However, they have also been controversial, as many examples of fraud have arisen.

In addition to illegal immigrants seeking the government funding, the nation’s border crisis continues as record numbers have crossed the southern border during Biden’s administration.

The lawsuit would have only continued to cause problems that have fueled some of the largest border crossing numbers recorded in the nation’s history. The lawsuit at least ends the concern in one area as the nation seeks to move beyond the pandemic.

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