More sanctions on Russia to be announced by Biden and US partners

According to Biden’s national security adviser, Jake Jeremiah Sullivan, President Joe Biden, and US allies plan to impose more sanctions on Russia on Thursday in response to the country’s continued invasion of Ukraine.

“There will be concerted measures to strengthen European energy security, as well as additional American humanitarian help to Ukraine.” Jake Sullivan says.

Biden, who will appear at the European Council summit and attend a special NATO meeting, is expected to stress the importance of enforcing the avalanche of existing measures declared by the US and its allies.

“He will join our colleagues in slapping further sanctions on Russia and tightening current measures to combat evasion and assure effective enforcement,” Sullivan said during a Tuesday briefing, a preview of Biden’s upcoming trip to Europe, which begins on Wednesday.

“At long last,” Sullivan added, the president “will announce collaborative action on boosting European energy security and lowering Europe’s dependence on Russian gas NG00, -0.52 percent.”

Biden is also expected to announce “further American contributions to a coordinated humanitarian response to alleviate the suffering of civilians inside Ukraine and to respond to the growing flow of refugees,” according to the national security adviser.

Also, according to Sullivan, the president will meet with American troops in Poland and “talk with allies on longer-term adjustments to NATO force posture on the eastern flank.”

When asked about the fresh penalties, Sullivan said he didn’t want to “get ahead of an announcement, which will be put out in cooperation with our friends on Thursday, when the president has the opportunity to talk with them — that’s on a further package of measures.”

Poland’s leaders have urged for a Western peacekeeping team to intervene in Ukraine, a move that the US and other allies fear may widen the conflict.

Biden will also “announce coordinated action on boosting European energy security and lowering Europe’s reliance on Russian gas,” according to Sullivan.

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  1. Biden is a lunatic, we have a moron in the White House and our great country has been destroyed in less than a year. When will the people wake up and impeach him?

  2. Only God knows and he does not tell me about his plans the biden admin is surely on heck of a giant mess no one knows what the other is doing no coordination to speak of left hand does not help or get help from the right hand remindes me of of Dr Strange Love from James Bond

  3. Send in the planes we are holding on our base. Russia will continue attack unless stopped. No more being a chicken

  4. Why were we ever buying gas from Russia We had gas from Canada right next door. Biden stopped that first thing, put thousands out of work, and now Canada is asking why Biden won’t buy gas from them instead of making us decide between gas and food
    I’m on social security, they brag about our increase , but mine was $70., but inflation was $90, so I’m $20 a month less than last year
    That was before gas went sky high We need common sense in the White House

  5. We should open up our own Gas & oil and be independent on no one like Russia or Saudi Arabi. We have enough gas and oil right here in the United States. We give our oil away in Alaska why not capitalize it. Don’t we need it here? Oh, that’s right we are going all electric without a back up plan. We have to think of environment. Get rid of more trees, keep Air Force 1 in service so the President can attend more meetings and elections. Burn more wood in the United States through fireplaces. wood burning, and outdoor stoves. Lets take a jet being that there is over a thousand of them flying to the same city. Let’s pollute our own cities and waterways. lets keep rolling the big diesel trucks out to plenish America. How many diesel trucks do we have on the road today? We should have term limits Nancy Pelosi ran out of ideas along with other Senators And Representatives. The price of PORK is climbing.

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