Money from the pandemic relief fund used on ballpark repairs, five-star hotel, and ski slopes

According to an investigation by the Associated Press, state and local governments have spent roughly $1 billion in federal coronavirus help on projects that have little to do with the pandemic.

Broward County, Florida, officials recently broke construction on a high-end hotel with views of the Atlantic Ocean and an 11,000-square-foot spa, thanks to a $140 million funding infusion.

Dutchess County, New York, promised $12 million to renovate a minor league baseball stadium to meet the Yankees’ standards for their farm clubs.

In Massachusetts, lawmakers gave $5 million to the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate in Boston, a nonprofit founded to memorialize the late senator but struggling financially.

The three disparate expenditures have one thing in common: they are all among the dozens of projects that state and local governments across the country are funding with federal coronavirus relief money, despite having little to do with combating the pandemic, according to an Associated Press investigation.

Republicans are already balking at President Joe Biden’s request for more money for pandemic assistance, and projects that appear to be far distant from those that directly combat the virus will likely add to the GOP’s resistance.

“They have to account to us,” said Senator Mitt Romney, R-Utah, who attempted unsuccessfully last year to amend the Democrats’ measure to place further restrictions on how the money might be spent.

“Show us how you’ve already spent the money Congress provided you. “He added, “It’s difficult to conceive how a four-star hotel is helping to solve COVID’s agony.”

Rep. Abigail Anne Spanberger, D-Va., called some of the spending “outrageous” and “simply insane,” saying they were an affront to competent local governments. “Our hospitals were overburdened as a result of the outbreak, and now someone has a hotel?” she continued.

They also question whether or not federal funds are being used for the project. Broward County diverted $140 million in federal coronavirus funding to the project, which was in violation of Treasury Department rules prohibiting the use of the funds for significant capital projects.

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  1. It happens every time $$$$’s are given for free with no restrictions. They should have been required to show how they could use the money to help with the Covid’s agony.

  2. Well I guess if worse come to worse we can turn the ball park into a farm to feed the hungry and the massive hotel can house the homeless. Thanks Biden

  3. Nothing new to the Deamoncraps, they pack every bill they try to pass with insignificant expenditures, just look at pelosi’s bills! They are the cheats that probably proposed the above expenditures!

  4. Just another prime example of the crooked Biden administration. They care nothing about our country or us. Only how rich they can get off of us while they try and control all of us. They have put us all in tremendous danger on a daily basis with the open borders and helping our enemies by abandoning billions in our military equipment. We must Vote Them Out.

  5. Nobody can be surprised at this !!!!!! This is how our politicians come in middle class and leave in the top 1%ers. My guess — maybe 10% of the money allotted for covid related aid actually went to covid relief. I believe the rest of it was pocketed or to special interests of whoever was the biggest donors. We live in the greatest country in the world — too bad our government has become more corrupt than any crime organization in our history.

  6. All of this money that was used for other projects must be paid back asap. Most taxpayers will not get any benefits from these projects. With hospitals so packed and under staffed during this period of the last couple years, I would not mind help for hospitals, medical schools and other areas that will be needed with the next pandemic. I believe we will see more, so let’s be ready for them.

  7. Make those states that stole the money from federal covid help money pay it back. Don’t trust them again and make sure the money can only be used for the purpose it is given and watch to make sure it is done. Taxpayers are taken advantage of everyday, while their jobs are relocated to another country. The american people deserve to more, fix the damn border too many drugs coming across and killing our young people but that’s what china wants and congress is the biggest supporter of these drugs by not securing our southern border.




  9. The Dems who aren’t democrats anymore but have become a socialist, Marxist society that only cares about what they can take from us. The sad part is we now have 50% of the population who want socialism and have no idea that is a model that has never been good for anybody but the governments installing them. It insures them complete control of society.

    I foresee a second revolution for this country if it continues. I’ve never seen the world so screwed u in my 80 years.

  10. Democraps, the “tax and spend” party!!!!!
    Always has been, always will be…………..

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