Joe Biden meets with the world’s most powerful business leaders to lead the ‘New World Order’

During a meeting with business leaders on Monday, President Joe Biden expressed his goal to lead a “new world order,” adding that the coronavirus pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will help reset the status quo.

Joe Biden Meets with Business Leaders: Catastrophes around the world provide ‘opportunities’ to lead the ‘New World Order.’

“My mother used to say, Something good will come out of everything horrible if you look hard enough for it,'” Biden remarked.

During a speech at the Business Roundtable lobbying group’s quarterly conference, the president discussed the present global climate with some of America’s top CEOs.

He stated, “I believe this gives us with some substantial opportunities to make some meaningful changes.” claiming the entire globe was at an “inflection point,” which happens every 3 to 4 generations during times of crises, according to history.

In a recent discussion, the president recalled a military commander saying that 60 million people died worldwide between 1900 and 1946, allowing the United States to lead the world.

“We’ve built a liberal world order since then, which hasn’t happened in a long time,” Biden remarked. “A lot of people are dying, but the mayhem is not near,” He added that he believed the world was in a similar situation.

“Now is the period when things are shifting; there will be a new world order out there,” he concluded. “We have to lead it, and we have to unite the rest of the free world in the process.”

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