‘It’s going to be real’: President Biden warns of global food shortages

President Joe Biden predicts that food will be in limited supply and more expensive than ever before, following the United States’ imposition of sanctions on Russia as a result of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Biden said on Thursday that the United States will face a food crisis in the near future, adding that it’s “gonna be real.”

“Yes, we did talk about food shortages, and it’s going to be real,” Biden stated during a news conference during the NATO summit in Brussels, Belgium. “The cost of the sanctions is not solely borne by Russia. It is also enforced on a large number of countries, including European countries and our own.”

“Russia and Ukraine have been Europe’s breadbasket in terms of wheat,” Biden said, adding that he and other G7 leaders had a “long talk” about the need to “expand and disperse” food production.

Wheat prices have risen by 55 percent since a week before Russia invaded Ukraine. As millions leave or stay to fight in the war, Ukrainian ports that ship wheat and other food essentials throughout the world to be converted into bread, noodles, and animal feed have been shut down.

Ukraine is also a major grain exporter and the world’s leading producer of sunflower oil, which is used in food processing. The battle might diminish the global food supply, causing food insecurity and pushing more people into poverty in nations like Lebanon and Egypt, where bread is the staple diet.

It will also affect folks in the United States who live paycheck to paycheck and struggle to feed their families.

“It comes at an extremely terrible moment for American consumers because we’re seeing inflation approaching 10% every day,” supply chain specialist Dan Varroney told Fox Business.

“The figures for last month were close to 8%. As a result, customers will have to pay more for food, even those who are living paycheck to paycheck.”

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  1. This conflict should have never started in the first place. Biden is weak and now the American People as well as people in other countries are going to pay the “price’. Biden needs to go NOW.

  2. Biden and the Democrats are ruining this country, they should all be impeached and sent packing with no benifits!

  3. This is so typical of the Biden crime family syndicate. Deflect keep saying the same talking points to try and and make people believe the BS PROPIGANDA .
    Biden talks and thinks like a politician from the sixties he is a typical Democrat that’s just promises everything exploits the lemming dems, spends money we dont have and lies to everyone.
    Buying dirty oil from crazy foreigners makes not sence! I’ll be so glad when that bunch of idiots are put of the white house.

  4. Impeach Biden & Harris & Pelusi put Trump back in office and let’s get back to “AMERICA FIRST”

  5. Bidden has been eager to have all shortages of food and energy with an eye on more federal control over everyone’s life

  6. Allegiance to one’s own country is where love peace and wholeness dwell. Once laws are ignored and purposefully broken, evil is not far behind ready like vultures to decimate the remains
    Sleeplessness and self talk with arrogance tries to pump up the shame festooned on then expanded chests, a joke exhibited

  7. All cause my men and there policy’s because they can’t admit there wrong and change directions.

  8. Instead of paying American farmers not to plant certain crops and just fields fallow for long periods of time, allow them to grow more wheat, barley, corn. soy bean or another others in demand. While we are busy planting and growing crops, replace the senile. inept Brandon who created these issues within one year of taking office.

  9. We have plenty land here to grow what we need if it hadn’t been sold to China. We could Be completely self sustainable if we had anybody in Washington in the right positions to know how to run our government. They got President Trump out of office so that they could do this control our food and control us. That’s what the Democrats are about control.

  10. Where are all of you IDIOTS going to live after you ruin this country? Just think of what this country could be without people like you.

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