In the midst of the energy crisis, the White House rejects the notion of increasing domestic oil output

Crude oil prices have surged as high as $130 per barrel at the time of writing. Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, spoke out against growing domestic oil production on Sunday.

On Sunday, the White House flatly rejected the idea of raising domestic oil output to address the growing energy crisis.

“It’s a warning that true energy security comes from lowering our reliance on fossil fuels,” Psaki added, before criticizing those who want to boost domestic production.

“Domestic production has not protected us from the volatility of fossil fuel prices or the whims of those who control them, such as President Putin,” she concluded. Americans are aware of this.

She went on to say that the only way to avoid rising oil prices was to rely on other energy sources such as wind and solar panels. “The best way to safeguard the United States, in the long run, is to become energy independent,” she stated emphatically.

Psaki warned last week that increasing local oil production is a “misdiagnosis.”

“The president, Vice President Biden, has approached sanctions in such a way that we want to maximize the impact and repercussions on President Putin while minimizing the impact on the American people and the rest of the world,” Psaki said.

She further said that requests to relax limitations on oil drilling on federal property and to allow the Keystone Pipeline was “misdiagnoses” of a solution.

“The Keystone Pipeline was unable to transport oil due to a lack of processing capacity. That isn’t going to solve anything “She was adamant. “That’s a misdiagnosis, or perhaps a misdiagnosis of the situation.

I’d also point out that, in President Biden’s opinion, oil leases actually justify the fact that we need to minimize our reliance on foreign oil, on oil in general… and that we need to look at alternative means of obtaining energy in our country and elsewhere.”


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