‘I can’t do much right now,’ says Biden of historic gas prices

When asked about the high gas prices that Americans are seeing right now on Tuesday, Democrat President Joe Biden refused to take any responsibility for them, instead blaming Russia.

“They’re going to go higher,” Biden remarked in Texas when asked about gas prices, which hit new highs this week.

“Did Biden actually imply he can’t do much right now to tackle the soaring gas prices?” said Rep. Byron Donalds.

Putin has 99 issues, but raising petrol prices in the United States is not one of them. Biden must quit deceiving the public and reverse ALL of his damaging energy plans.

“Texans will NOT be deceived by Joe Biden’s LIES!” says Rep. Ronny Jackson. To bring down gas prices, he may enhance domestic energy output. Instead, he’s caving in to a Venezuelan dictator in order to boost the country’s oil production.

“You could start by releasing America’s energy production,” says Sen. Roger Marshall. The price of oil would plummet tomorrow if the Keystone XL Pipeline were to be restarted.

“What a joke of a President he is, and his response is that he can’t do anything about it,” Chris Barron, a political consultant, says. I’ve got an idea, sparky: go back to your basement and hand over the presidency to someone who can make a difference. “Worst experience ever.”

On Monday, GasBuddy announced that “the national average price of gasoline in the United States today surpassed the existing record, rewriting the all-time high to today’s $4.104 per gallon.”

The price of diesel was “expected to shatter the record of $4.846 per gallon in the next two weeks,” according to GasBuddy, a platform that collects data on fuel costs to help consumers save money.

“In addition to reaching a new all-time high, the national average is seeing its greatest ever 7-day spike: 49.1 cents per gallon, topping the 49.0 cent weekly surge following Hurricane Katrina in 2005,” the business stated in its statement.

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  1. Biden, not Putin, is to blame for higher gas prices! Democrats want to force substituting unreliable and costly green energy for dependable oil and gas! Buden has set about sabotaging America’s greatest geopolitical advantage, in a reckless quest to appease the climate activist.  Americans are not that gullible! Biden may try to blame Putin, but polling shows that the buck ultimately stops at President Biden’s door! 
    “The lips of truth shall last forever; but a lying tongue shall last only for a moment.”
    Joe Biden is a habitual pathological liar!! 

  2. Biden needs to be stopped by any means necessary. He has betrayed his oath to the American people. He is a TRAITOR and should be treated as such

  3. Biden is too stupid and arrogant to take responsibility for anything he does. It is everyone else’s fault! And—- he is following obama’s Agenda to the letter! Biden isn’t running the country, Obama is! Get wise people, demand an investigation of Obama, HE assisted killary in the Russia collusion crap, who else would want Trump out of the way? He started the “ never Trump” crap because he wanted his other stooge killary in the White House to continue destroying our country from the inside!

  4. Bidden was the one who stopped America from not only supplying oil for us, but from exporting it to other nations. Now he has left us dependent on radical nations. He would like to have us go electric, however cars cannot maintain energy for even a whole day on electricity, and it is much more costly. When will people catch on to his control of America, but support of radical nations? Hopefully when Gybter Bidden spills the beans on his Pappa to save his own skin.

  5. He’s a lame duck president with no future left in politics. He caving to the far left and green movement’s demands. There maybe some financial incentive in this mess for the Biden cartel. I wouldn’t put it past his family corporate experience. Having lived in a protective bubble for 50 years he has no idea of the distress and hardship we the people are being forced to endure just to satisfy his self centered goals.

  6. never before in US History has our nation been stuck with two incompetents (Biden/Harris) who have doone absolutely nothing for our nation and its citizens except spend our tax dollars at a crazy rate. Their ineptness warrants immpeachment for being involved in actions counter to our us constitutioon

  7. Begin by opening the Keystone Pipe line. It may take quite awhile for us to get the effects, but reinstating the jobs that were lost would certainly help Americans. Lowering or eliminating the state gas taxes until the end of the year, would lower gas prices immediately at the pump. People need gas to get to work. school, medical appointments, groceries etc.
    Joe Biden should be impeached for his numerous mistakes and the corruption of the Biden family needs to be investigated. We would not have all these problems if Joe Biden was not president.

    1. the voters have to do something about our leadership in November. get the rats out of power and take charge of the US!!!!!

  8. 100 senators,400 plus representives the supreme court and no one with the stones to tell this petty dictator off an unelected president the obvious fact WE THE PEOPLE ARE FED UP WITH HIS LIES AND MISMANAGEMENT OF OUR COUNTRY! Give us back our energy sources !

  9. I think it’s time for he and his administration to bow out, reverse all of his ” Executive Orders “, and return to all of the Trump ways, that were working well. It’s time for them all to go hide in their basements.

  10. Yep, what Biden should of done is keep the fuel going in our country till he had every thing setup for his $58,000 electric cars that the “working class” can not afford any way.

  11. President TRUMP has an answer that Demitia Socialist Joe is afraid of his communist left that want to destroy America. Since Joe is afraid. We need a REAL LEADER. Im all for Firing Demitia Joe and send him on a midnight flight with all of the other Illegal Aliens coming into our country. Back to his basement in Delaware. We need to get the Oil flowing again. Demitia Joe is afraid and TRUMP WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN A THIRD TIME. Demitia Joe is a poor excuse for a man. We need to get rid of the Socialist Communist Fake news. Can you imagine if America had True news coming into everyone home. They will now realize how badly they were LIED TO. Wonderful thought of having a real true news outlets. Our country then would be united. Vote for TRUMP in 2024.🙂

  12. The Biden regime has sold and continues to sell The United States and its people down the river . He is essence laughing at his own country .

    He needs to be charged with treason.

  13. Get Biden out of the way and let us, Alaska drill our oil. When we did ,there was lots. Let us drill.


  15. Until the democRATS are out of the white house and not controlling the government biden will continue to destroy this country snd nothing will be done until replicas retake control of both the house snd senate and get that drunken old hag Pelosi snd her communist left wing out of go ernment for good. All these corrupt politicians need to be impeached and tried for treason starting at the top snd working on down.

  16. Biden’s been a looser his entire life. He also has a complete loser for a son. Must have inherited everything from his daddy.

  17. But this is ridiculous.. Excuse #1 — Biden and regime blamed Trump for so many issues that were just flat out lies. Excuse #2 –Every issue was racist or else Biden and the Dems could only talk about Defunding Police.. When that ran out of steam — Pelosi stepped up to the plate with the January 6th,20211 insurrection Excuse #3 –she and Harris could not talk enough about 1/06/21 being worse than Pearl Harbor or 9/11 but when America realized that not one protestor was armed and the only person killed was an unarmed woman who was shot to death by Pelosi’s Capitol Police –America got tired of listening to them .. Now the Democrats must come up with anything to stop America from waking up Excuse #4– thus Biden states he can do nothing and blames the entire gas situation on Putin. Now am I correct but I do not believe Putin was involved in January 2021 when Biden took over and immediately shut down the pipeline.

  18. Ever since the Democrats have been in power from Clinton,Obama biden whoever they have made this country a mess.I hope people realize that we need limits terms on the politicians. They have been in power too longgood old boys just aren’t going to cut it anymore it’s up to you the American people to put a stop to this mess that we’re in and thankfully I’m on my way out as an old person I don’t think I could stand to be a new one.

  19. What is the matter with our so called CONGRESS? Are their eyes closed to what Biden is doing? He has destroyed our once Great country of AMERICA. WE need a leader not a weak man with brain problems. IMPEACH BIDEN.


  21. Biden is a idiot. Worst President in the history of Presidents. He an his Demorats are the worst I have seen in my life time. 72 yrs. They all should be in jail. Kennedy is turning over in his grave.

  22. All who were dumb enough to vote for Biden are just as responsible as Biden himself. No one honestly wins an election by sitting in the basement and yet we let it happen somehow. Biden did not win an election it was stolen for him.

  23. Biden couldn’t point out the United States on a map if his life depended on it. Of course he doesn’t give a crap about us…

  24. There is absolutely one thing he can do and that is to reinstate Trump’s policy for oil production here in the United States. I know that I am only one person who will not forget what he has done when it comes time to vote in 22 and 24. Finish the Keystone Pipeline and produce the oil that can be used to help our allies.

    Biden really needs to be impeached for the destruction of America! Maybe after the 22 elections this can happen.

  25. many US citizens signed a document attesting to fact they had witnessed illegal acts concerning the last election. They swore under perjury if they lied yet the US Supreme court called all of them liars by not accepting their statements and allowing the fraud to be reviewed bhy the US Supreme court. Time for the court to interpret and NOT make law.

  26. There is a higher power than Joe Biden, and the true Americans will make America great again along with someone who will put Americans first.

  27. Is there no way to release the evil grip of an evil US President and his lying party? Why not use their own tactics on them? There HAS TO BE A WAY!

  28. Fuel prices going up. I watched a trucker filling his truck the other day, over a $1000.00 to fill up.
    Everything is going to Skyrocket w/ truckers paying these gas prices. This is a Crime, open up the Keystone Pipeline
    get things moving, in time we will be able to pump all we need & sell it to other Countries. Help fight Inflation.

    Electric Vehicles is Not the answer, Democrats R Not using their Brains at all. Question: R these Batteries Recyclable & if not, what Happens to these Junk Batteries, R the Reusable? Or will they be Environmental Problems??
    I am sure that if U go to Trade in your Wonder-Car for another, the Dealership will take into account how Old the Batteries R & will tell U how much they have to Deduct from the Car’s Value in order to justify Replacing those Batteries.

    Now, I don’t know if U realize what this would do to our Aging Powergrids that, on average, runs at 92% MAXIMUM OUTPUT (Y we have Blackouts in Summer & Winter, when Demand Exceeds all possible available input), w/ & ‘EV Highway’ U can count on ZERO ELECTRICITY for 5-6 months a yr…so much for Heat & Swimming Pools, Air Conditioning in the Night & Kiss your Refrigerator Goodbye…at 50% Dependability, who’s going to put Food in one?)
    Democrat Financed ‘Infrastructure & have the Money…No We didn’t. We lined the pockets of ‘Green’ NGOs, Senators, Welfare-Programs & Support Illegals.
    Green New Deal w/ Drain us of Trillions of Dollars.

    Ironically, Elon Musk recently Stated that this Nation is NOT READY to Stop the use of Fossil Fuels….He Obviously knows the Limitations of the Technology.

    Instead of all this vehicle Technology, Windmills etc, We need to worry about our own Electronics, Pharma, we should be putting our Money to Manufacturing of our Own Needs, things that we depend on our other Countries. We Need to Produce ourselves. Get away from Countries like Russia, China, N. Korea, Iran etc.

    Think about it as if U R looking for another job, don’t quit until U find another. Somewhat the same as Closing down our Independence of Cruel Oil Production, don’t shut it down until U have another means that is already working well. Otherwise its & Insane thing to do.

    I am so Disgusted w/ this Administration. They R Nuts or Deliberating trying to Destroy this Country.

  29. Totally agree. Biden has abdicated all his responsibilities and deserves impeachment.
    Biden has chosen to do nothing just as he has chosen to abandon the U.S. and the American people.

  30. Their has to be some way to get this S.O.B out of office short of killing him, he is ruining our country and does not even care!

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