GOP Rep calls for sanctioning Chinese entities that support Russia

Florida Republican Rep. Michael Waltz said on Monday that the U.S. should sanction Chinese companies that support Russia.

Waltz shared the remarks on Fox Business Networks’ “Varney & Company.”

“I think we should be sanctioning them right now. We should be putting secondary sanctions on Chinese entities that are outright supporting Russia. Because we have to take a stand now, while we still can,” Waltz said.

“If you look at things militarily, Stu, we’re on par with the Chinese now. But five, ten years from now, the trend lines are not good. They’re outbuilding us in ships five to one. They’re launching more into space than us and the rest of the world combined. So, we need to take a stand now while we still can,” he added.

The comments also come as President Joe Biden recently held a call with Chinese President Xi Jinping regarding the situation in Ukraine.

China has claimed it is neutral regarding the conflict and has criticized sanctions against Russia, making it one of the only countries as well as the largest nation not to oppose the invasion of Ukraine.

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