George Soros gives Beto O’Rourke’s gubernatorial campaign $1 million

George Soros, a leftist billionaire, gave $1 million to Beto O’Rourke’s campaign to replace Republican Gov. Greg Abbott in Texas, helping the Democrat surpass the incumbent during the most recent fundraising period, according to The Washington Examiner.

According to Texas Ethics Commission documents cited by the Hill, over half of O’Rourke‘s record-breaking $27.6 million in contributions came from out-of-state sources, with Soros’ hefty gift helping the Democratic opponent outraise Abbott over the previous six months. The amount also assisted O’Rourke in setting a record for the largest fundraising haul for a Texas statewide candidate in a single campaign period.

Soros, an American of Hungarian descent who started managing hedge funds for clients in New York, has a net worth of $8.6 billion. Due in large part to his millions of dollars in campaign contributions to prosecutors, he has become something of a bogeyman for the Right.

One day prior to the Supreme Court’s much-anticipated decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, which returned control of abortion access to the states, Soros gave O’Rourke a gift, drawing condemnation from the 91-year-old financier-turned-philanthropist.

“The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn #RoeVWade ends federal protections for abortion, diminishes human rights, and greatly threatens reproductive care,” Soros wrote in a tweet. “We have invested in reproductive rights organizations that are fighting back at this moment.”

O’Rourke received a few significant contributions totaling more than $100,000, although his campaign claims that the majority of his total came from smaller contributions. In contrast, the Dallas Morning News reported that Abbott received contributions totaling six figures from 62 donors, accounting for more over half of his total second-quarter earnings.

Between Feb. 20 and June 30, O’Rourke received $27.6 million from more than 511,000 individual contributions, according to his campaign. He surpasses Abbott’s gains during the same time span as a result. Almost 113,000 contributors contributed $24.9 million to the incumbent.

Abbott boasts a cash reserve of around $46 million. While the campaign claimed having around $6.8 million as of mid-February, O’Rourke’s campaign did not disclose how much cash it currently has on hand.

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  1. In this country power and influence goes to the highest bidder! The law should be that no individual or entity can give to or seek to influence an election by a gift of more than $9999.00 Verifiable by the IRS.

  2. Money can’t buy happiness……and we will be happy when our great republican leaders take over the house and senate in the mid terms, and then on to 24 when our great POTUS Trump , Melania, and Barron will enter the White House again. Have you watched the rallies that Trump is having lately? You can’t tell me he lost the election, but we will welcome him again.

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