Facebook offers Zuckerberg’s “Supreme Court” $150 million in funding

Facebook has approved a new $150 million commitment over a three-year period to support its worldwide oversight board, sometimes known as Facebook’s “Supreme Court,” which serves as an ostensibly impartial body that examines the company’s operations and rules.

According to Axios, Facebook (now known as Meta) announced a fresh $150 million commitment over a three-year period to support its global content oversight board, which is intended to serve as an ostensibly impartial review board and assess the company’s decisions and policies.

The board was established to assist the organization in making difficult decisions on content moderation, but many have questioned how much authority the board actually possesses in the past when Facebook showed a reluctance to defer to the board when making judgments.

The board characterized Facebook’s withdrawal of its request for policy clarification on its content moderation decision linked to Russia’s war in Ukraine as “disappointing” in May.

But in other cases, Facebook has paid attention to the board’s recommendations.

Facebook is required to react to the board but is not required to abide by the board’s judgments or recommendations.

The business has previously committed to making changes based on advice from the board.

The Oversight Board was the first social media moderation board of its sort when it was established in 2020. Facebook provided $130 million for the board’s initial investment round.

In order to avoid any conflicts of interest, that money was moved into an Oversight Board trust that enables the board to function independently of Facebook.

The board started accepting user appeals in 2020 and has already persuaded Facebook to reverse policy decisions. In January 2021, Facebook infamously referred its suspension of former President Trump to the Oversight Board.

The board decided to support Facebook’s decision but instructed the social media corporation to reconsider the “indefinite” nature of the ban.

In response, Facebook announced new guidelines on how to handle speeches from well-known politicians and extended the ban imposed by the former president of the United States by two years.

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