Ex-union treasurer pleads guilty to squandering millions 

Timothy Edmunds, 54, of South Lyon, Mich., admitted that he spent a large portion of the money on gambling sprees, spending more than $1 million on chips and placing $16 million in bets between 2018 and 2020.

The former treasurer of a United Auto Workers’ local in Detroit has admitted to embezzling $2.2 million to fund his high-octane gambling habit and buy guns and fancy cars.

From 2011 until 2021, Edmunds served as the monetary secretary-treasurer of United Auto Workers Local 412.

The native represents hundreds of employees at a variety of plants run by what was then known as Fiat Chrysler Vehicles, which has subsequently merged with Peugeot to become Stellantis NV.

Edmunds allegedly transferred tens of millions of dollars in union funds into his accounts using unlawful wire transfers and checks, as well as the native’s debit cards, according to US authorities.

He staged the robbery by falsifying bank statements to make it look that the union’s accounts had significantly more money than they did.

“The UAW’s hardworking women and men need leaders who are committed to serving the membership’s ideas,” said Daybreak Ison, a US lawyer for the Japanese District of Michigan. “[His] conviction exemplifies our zealous pursuit of those who want to profit from their positions of belief within the UAW to steal and cheat union members.”

He was a high-stakes gambler at the Greektown Online casino in downtown Detroit, according to investigators. According to court records, he frequently wagered so much that the online casino was required to retain a record of his wagers following federal disclosure standards.

Edmunds spent more than $ 1 million on online casino chips and put more than $ 16 million into play over two years, according to the study. He’d leave the casino with tens of thousands of dollars in chips he hadn’t cashed in, which police said was a sign of attempted money laundering.

He pleaded guilty to embezzlement and money laundering on Friday. Prosecutors say he faces up to five years in prison and has agreed to pay the union $1.9 million in compensation. He had previously returned $ 300,000 in stolen money.

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  1. He will get a pass. Biden will give him a Presidential Pardon. After all , he is a Union man , and UNIONS VOTE democrat.

  2. Never been a member of any union. I prefer to make my own deal with employers. I has worked out well for me. Never trusted unions for obvious reasons. Never will. But that’s just me.

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