EU mulls bloc-wide gas rationing as public told to expect prices to triple

In an effort to combat shortages in winter, the European Union is considering rationing gas across the continent; the public has been warned to anticipate a tripling of prices.

The European Union now appears to be concerned that a breaking point may soon be upon its member states as supplies decline and prices skyrocket; the Commission is reportedly drafting an emergency rationing plan for the event that Russia decides to completely cut off countries from its energy exports.

Over 60% of Germans, according to a recent study, believe that there won’t be enough gas to go around this winter, and the federal gas network agency of the nation has warned consumers to expect gas prices to quadruple by 2023.

In the meantime, the general population in Germany is starting to really sweat.

According to a report by Die Welt, proposed EU regulations to reduce gas use will restrict the wintertime heating of public and commercial buildings to 19 degrees Celsius, or roughly 66 degrees Fahrenheit.

In a move that echoes comments made by various interest groups at the beginning of the war, private families will also receive strong encouragement to lower their thermostats by one degree.

The draft plan apparently states that “acting now can reduce the effects of a sudden supply disruption by a third” and adds that “everyone can now save gas” and that “the higher the reduction through voluntary measures, the less they need for mandatory restrictions for the industry.”

In addition, the European measures state that while housing and hospitals will receive priority in the event of a gas shortage brought on by Russia cutting off supplies, individual member states within the bloc will be permitted to divert gas away from these sources to power plants if the need for electricity also arises.

People in Germany who use gas to heat their houses appear to be starting to worry as catastrophic shortages throughout the winter start to look more and more possible, even as the EU apparently prepares to forcibly cut gas usage around the continent.

According to a survey that Der Spiegel released on Thursday, 63% of people are concerned that there won’t be enough gas for private households this winter, and that percentage rises to 67% among German women.


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