Diesel, gas prices break national break records again

As struggling working-class Americans bear the weight of Bidenflation, national gas and diesel prices continued to break records on Wednesday.

According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), The national average price for a gallon of regular gas was $4.56 on Wednesday, while the national average price for diesel fuel was $5.57, both of which are all-time highs.

The price hikes come after record-breaking gas prices on Monday, when the national average price for normal was 4.48, according to Breitbart News, and on Tuesday, when it hit 4.52.

Prices for regular were about 50 cents more on Wednesday than they were a month ago when they were hovering around $4.087 nationally.

Democrat-run The most expensive state in the country is California. On Wednesday, the cost of a gallon of normal gas in California averaged an all-time high of $6.05. Diesel also broke the state record, with a price of $6.57 per gallon.

The following states rounded out the top in terms of the country’s highest gas prices:

  • Hawaii – $5.34
  • Nevada – $5.22
  • Alaska – $5.12
  • Washington – $5.14
  • Oregon – $5.10
  • Illinois – $4.91
  • New York – $4.86
  • Arizona – $4.82
  • Pennsylvania – $4.74

The Biden Administration has consistently shifted blame for the astronomical costs. When asked about rising gas prices in March, President Joe Biden stated, “Can’t do much right now,” while simultaneously blaming Russia, according to Breitbart News.

When asked whether he had any comments for the American people about the crisis, he answered, “They’re going to go up.”

As Breitbart News reported on May 9, Biden doubled down on his Russia deflection:

Because of a shortage of available computer chips, the used car market in 2021 was artificially high, as per Biden.

“This year we have a similar problem, but it’s because of energy because of Putin’s gas tax,” he said, describing the tax as “the gas tax of him causing such a disruption in oil markets around the world.”

While Biden is eager to blame Russia, Breitbart News reports that his “administration has ceased all oil and gas leases to Alaska’s Cook Inlet and the Gulf of Mexico as of” May 11.

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  1. with th Covid started it but when Biden shut down americas pipeline and
    People lost jobs that’s when it started. The president has made things so bad for Americans. so yes Ny will be hitting the $5 mark

  2. Demo rates have been a complete failure, in just over a year they have done everything they can to destroy our economy. The spend and spend party just keeps on giving. Now we have inflation, limited food supply, shortage of baby formula , gas prices through the roof and a President who blames everyone else . Voters know it’s overspend a d straight incompetence and during a border crisis President Biden goes over sea so he can put the burden on someone else. This administration is outrageously incompetent and does not care about the citizens of this country. Now inflation and tomorrow recession that’s President Biden’s policies.

    1. Me too! Look at all the money Biden has cost us just on gas and never mind food housing etc.etc. I am 83 and do very little driving only to store but for those who are working and commuting it has to be a real nightmare.

  3. This evil pile of feces will NEVER own to the crap he’s put our country thtough! America WILL NEVER BE GREAT, as long as these DEMONICrats are in the WH! TRUMP, PLEASE, Mr PRESIDENT ( not you jackass, OUR TRUE PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP!) come back, and with God’s help, DESTROY EVIL! As you probably notice, God is removing a demonicrat, one by one from their sick party. Some were picked up for child pornography, for rape, embezzlement, breaking the law any way they can, killing babies, etc…. They are filthier than dog poop stuck on my shoe! I can’t wait (if I could) for them to stand before our Lord! 🙂

  4. Thats the idea of bidet and obuma to destroy this country,boy do they hate all americans the demoncrap party is in compitition with the ccpp to see who wll destroy the U.S.A. first

  5. I got the FIX for DEMOMS sorry I mean DEMOCRAPS !!! I am to BLAME, it’s all my FAULT !!! Nobody else just dick me.. There your problems solved, just that easy. No more blaming every one and there long dead whatever’s . Do not tell any more lies or complete 666 lies. Just crucify us all and be done with it!!! One of three things will happen??? We will be dead and nothing, or I will have my 72 VIRGINS and my wife will have a Chippindale or two. Or you DEMS. will be BURNING like you have been doing to our GREAT AMERICAN FLAG!! PRBLEMS SOLVED

  6. He is the reason for inflation and high gas prices. They have a reason for everything they are doing. This is not accidental. But in denying the truth, I guess they think some gullible people will tag along. There has not been a president since the founding of our country that has brought devestation, inflation, and economic misery like Joseph Biden has done. I will continue to pray for the salvation of our administration, but I will also pray for their removal in Jesus’ mighty Name!

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