Despite promising to oppose union-busting, Biden grants Amazon a $10 billion contract

President Joe Biden has awarded Amazon, whose chairman is billionaire Jeff Bezos, a $10 billion federal contract, despite having pledged to American union members not to reward firms suspected of union-busting practices.

Amazon has been accused of attempting to block its warehouse workers in the United States from unionizing for years, despite accusations that the company has put its employees in unsafe situations due to relentless shipping quotas.

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) found in August 2021 that Amazon had breached labor regulations by prohibiting its warehouse workers in Bessemer, Alabama from unionizing. Amazon was accused of attempting to block warehouse workers in Alabama from unionizing again in February.

Workers at one of Amazon’s Staten Island warehouses voted last month to form the company’s first labor union. The vote to unionize has been challenged by Amazon. Amazon is said to have dismissed over six of the Staten Island warehouse managers who sought to join the union after the vote.

Despite Amazon’s history of intervening in unionization attempts, according to the Lever, the Biden administration has rewarded the company with a major federal contract despite promising not to.

Biden promised throughout his campaign to prohibit companies like Amazon from gaining lucrative federal contracts after being accused of using union-busting tactics.

He promised to “ensure federal dollars do not flow to employers who engage in union-busting activities, participate in wage theft, or violate labor law.”

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) appeared at a warehouse workers’ union demonstration late last month but has been mute about Biden’s billion-dollar Amazon contract.

Meanwhile, Senator Bernie Sanders urged Biden not to award Amazon a federal contract, claiming that the company has “time and time again” used union-busting methods to prevent warehouse employees from organizing.

“Mr. President, it is abundantly clear that Amazon has engaged in illegal anti-union action time and time again,” Sanders wrote. “Amazon may be a large and profitable corporation, and it may be owned by one of America’s wealthiest people, but it cannot be allowed to continue to violate the law and disrespect its employees’ rights.  The time has come to tell Amazon that it must follow the law if it wants another federal contract.”



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  1. Like blacks, Hispanics, women, LGBTQ+ & now unions, the demoncrats will throw all under the bus/tank!

    1. Joe Biden is corrupt, unscrupulous and tied to the hip with China..He sits back as he and his son facilitate the purchase by China of precious mineral rights in the good ole USA…Yet this moron believes he can run for reelection….He’ll need alot more mules as well as more drop boxes to pull that one off…If you foolish enough to believe a man who couldn’t fill a dozen hula hoops in the few campaign stops made during the run up to way beyond naive my friend…This past election is believed by most to be the greatest heist in US history….YEOWSA…

  2. They Need A Union To Protect Their Rights? Sound’s Like A New Job Would Be Better. Unions; Anymore Are Just ” Thug Clubs” That Intimidate And Threaten People To Vote For Certain Mob Bosses.

  3. Typical Biden says one thing and doe another. How much longer do we as a country have to put up with this Biden/Kamala thing in our oval office? They are so unAmerican and yet are given charge of America???? Something really wrong here people!

  4. Why hasn’t Biden been impeached out of office ? Because big tech,Planned Parenthood , Amazon and all the other Marxist companies protect him. The Democrats have become the Marxist Demon Rats. Harry Truman would be shocked to See how far the party has fallen. I used to be a Democrat , but I’ll never be a demon rat!

  5. Thanks to Biden and the Left, our country is soon to be a shadow of it’s former self. Another Nicaragua in the making?

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