Dem Rep. Slotkin: “People can feel and see the White House’s ‘spin’ on inflation and they don’t like it”

The Biden White House is putting a “spin” on all of its talk about inflation to the American people, according to Rep. Elissa Slotkin, D-Mich., who told CNN on Friday that her constituents “don’t like it.”

Slotkin expressed his displeasure that the White House isn’t upfront with Americans about inflation during a “New Day” segment with CNN anchor Brianna Keilar.

She emphasized the requirement for transparency so that people could know what to anticipate in the future.

“Do you think that the president and the White House have taken enough responsibility when it comes to the role of spending in inflation and their actions in inflation?” Keilar posed this question as the catalyst for the claims.

Former CIA analyst Slotkin replied, “I come from a national security background, and I think we have a responsibility in leadership to be honest with people, to not try to spin them, and then we have a responsibility to chart the way forward.”

The representative continued by suggesting that the Biden administration should be doing better in this regard and expressing her want for more excellent information from the current administration:

“I think that what I would like to see is, sort of, what is the path? Help light us forward so that we know that maybe it won’t be fixed tomorrow, but we know kind of the sort of road that we’re on to getting back to our normal pricing.”

“It sounds like you’re seeing some issues on both of those fronts: the acknowledgment and the charting the way forward,” Keilar said, asking Slotkin to elaborate.

“Yeah,” Slotkin replied, adding, “I’m from Michigan, right? We’re just kind of straight about what’s going on, and I think people can feel and see the spin and I don’t think they like it.”

She continued, saying Michigan residents can see through the narrative coming from the White House: “And I think what we need to be saying is, look, we know that salaries, you know, increase in people’s pay, is not keeping up with inflation.”



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  1. Biden had a focus, and it wasn’t on America or her people. It was on world order. Pelosi and Schumer as well. They encouraged Congress to believe this hype. Then, it was all downhill from there. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Democrats didn’t win another election for a decade. They have proven themselves liars and fools. The biggest mistake they made was putting their faith in the wrong people.

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