Facebook offers Zuckerberg’s “Supreme Court” $150 million in funding

Facebook has approved a new $150 million commitment over a three-year period to support its worldwide oversight board, sometimes known as Facebook’s “Supreme Court,” which serves as an ostensibly impartial body that examines the company’s operations and rules. According to Axios, Facebook (now known as Meta) announced a fresh $150 million commitment over a three-year […]

Pelosi makes hasty exist when reporter asks about husband’s stock trades

Amid renewed questions about her husband’s staggering success in the stock market and suspicions of possible trading on insider knowledge, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) made a swift departure from her weekly Thursday press conference when a reporter asked for comment on the controversy, as Breitbart reports. During her time at the podium, Pelosi was […]

Biden admin awarded $172 million federal contract to group assisting juvenile border crossers linked to George Soros

According to a report this week, President Joe Biden’s administration awarded a roughly $172 million federal contract to a left-wing organization associated with billionaire George Soros to assist juvenile border crossers evade deportation, according to Breitbart News. Adam Shaw and Joe Schoffstall of Fox News reported¬†on Thursday that the Vera Institute of Justice, which has […]

Report: Hunter Biden still financially involved in Chinese companies

As the mainstream media slowly begins to look at Hunter Biden, specifically with regard to his numerous foreign business transactions while his father, Joe Biden, was vice president, new information was revealed that suggests he still holds an interest in a particular Chinese firm. It matters even more in the wake of his father, President […]

EU mulls bloc-wide gas rationing as public told to expect prices to triple

In an effort to combat shortages in winter, the European Union is considering rationing gas across the continent; the public has been warned to anticipate a tripling of prices. The European Union now appears to be concerned that a breaking point may soon be upon its member states as supplies decline and prices skyrocket; the […]

Dem. GA Sen. Raphael Warnock accused of campaign finance impropriety

In a scandal with the potential to rock what is expected to be a hotly contested midterm race in the state of Georgia, Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) is now facing allegations that he improperly used campaign funds to pay legal expenses in a lawsuit that did not stem from his service as a public official, […]

Poll: Most Americans blame Biden’s policies for economic pain

President Joe Biden and his administration continue to take an increasing amount of criticism over the current state of the U.S. economy, specifically with regard to the inflation crisis. A newly-published Monmouth poll revealed that politics aside, a majority of Americans are blaming Biden for their continued economic struggles.¬† “Thinking about this most important concern, […]

Republicans claim that Google’s spam filter cost them $2 billion in donations

Since 2019, the Republican National Committee chairman and GOP lawmakers claim that Google’s practice of classifying Republican campaign emails as spam has cost the party $2 billion in donations. Republicans based their calculations on a North Carolina State University investigation that revealed Google, the country’s largest email provider, identified up to 32% fewer Republican campaign […]