GOP lawmaker vows to investigate US oil sale to Hunter Biden-linked Chinese firm

President Joe Biden and his administration are under the gun due to a bombshell report that claims the United States not only sold valuable oil from its Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) to China and other countries, but that also one of the Chinese firms that received the oil is connected to Hunter Biden. According to […]

Poll: Joe Biden’s economy ranks as the top concern 43 weeks in a row


According to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Thursday, President Joe Biden’s economy has been Americans’ top worry for 43 weeks in a row. Americans are most concerned about the economy (33%), followed by crime (11%), the environment (6%), terrorism (5%), and immigration (5%). Poll: Biden‘s Economy Dominates as Greatest Concern 43 Weeks Running via @BreitbartNews […]

Report: The Fed plotted to deliberately slow the economy to battle inflation

As U.S. voters continue to struggle through record-high inflation rates, President Joe Biden’s Federal Reserve officials made a bold move last month to battle the issue. According to the minutes from the Federal Open Market Committee’s June meeting, Fed officials reportedly all agreed that a little pain for the economy would be necessary to attempt […]

Economists slam CA Governor’s ‘inflation relief’ plan

With inflation soaring under President Joe Biden, recently reaching a 40-year record high of 8.6%, a number of governors are pondering taking matters into their own hands while the U.S. government attempts to find ways to get much-needed relief to struggling Americans. California is perhaps one of the hardest-hit states due to inflation, as the […]

More than 1 million censorship appeals filed against Facebook ‘Supreme Court’

According to the Facebook Oversight Board’s first annual report, the “Facebook Supreme Court,” also known as the Facebook Oversight Board, received more than a million appeals from users of Facebook and Instagram seeking to challenge business censorship. Facebook ‘Supreme Court’ Hit With More Than 1 Million Censorship Appeals — Neesie 🇺🇸 (@neesietweets) June 29, […]

Report: Fox News pays $15 million to ex-host after gender pay disparity claims


Melissa Francis, a former Fox News host who filed a complaint with New York state’s labor board alleging the media firm of paying her less than her male colleagues, is said to have received a $15 million settlement. According to the Washington Post, Fox News agreed to the payment, citing documents obtained and examined by […]

Biden threatens to invoke emergency war powers in message to oil companies

As inflation continues to soar, driving the cost of everyday goods, services, and necessities such as gasoline to record-high prices, the White House is taking an increasing amount of heat from all corners of the media world. According to Fox Business, in an effort to begin driving down gas prices, which topped $5.00 per gallon […]