More than 1 million censorship appeals filed against Facebook ‘Supreme Court’

According to the Facebook Oversight Board’s first annual report, the “Facebook Supreme Court,” also known as the Facebook Oversight Board, received more than a million appeals from users of Facebook and Instagram seeking to challenge business censorship. Facebook ‘Supreme Court’ Hit With More Than 1 Million Censorship Appeals — Neesie 🇺🇸 (@neesietweets) June 29, […]

Report: Fox News pays $15 million to ex-host after gender pay disparity claims


Melissa Francis, a former Fox News host who filed a complaint with New York state’s labor board alleging the media firm of paying her less than her male colleagues, is said to have received a $15 million settlement. According to the Washington Post, Fox News agreed to the payment, citing documents obtained and examined by […]

Biden threatens to invoke emergency war powers in message to oil companies

As inflation continues to soar, driving the cost of everyday goods, services, and necessities such as gasoline to record-high prices, the White House is taking an increasing amount of heat from all corners of the media world. According to Fox Business, in an effort to begin driving down gas prices, which topped $5.00 per gallon […]

Summers: US ‘more likely than not’ to experience recession in next two years

As Americans continue to feel the sting of inflation-driven high prices on everyday goods and services, there are growing concerns that America could soon face the dreaded “R-word,” — a recession. As Bloomberg reported, ex-Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, who served under former President Barack Obama, warned CNN viewers on Sunday’s State of the Union that […]

The average gas price hits a new record in just one week 

According to AAA’s gas price tracker, the average unleaded gas price in Massachusetts on Monday was $4.963 a gallon, up from $4.73 per gallon the previous week The average price of gasoline in the United States has jumped 25 cents in only one week, causing customers and the Biden administration additional worries. NEW: Average gasoline […]

Washington report: Joe Biden blames advisers for highest inflation rate in 40 years

According to the Washington Post on Wednesday, President Joe Biden blamed his aides for the country’s 40-year-high inflation. As per Bloomberg, growing prices will cost American households an extra $5,200 in 2022, or $433 per month. As a result, Biden is allegedly concerned that rising costs are damaging his political standing. Rather than taking responsibility […]

Fed minutes suggest interest rate hikes could come faster than the market anticipates

According to minutes from a meeting held earlier this month, Federal Reserve officials emphasized the need to raise interest rates too fast, maybe more than markets predict, in order to combat a developing inflation problem. Not only did policymakers recognize the need to raise benchmark borrowing rates by 50 basis points, but they also predicted […]

As recession warnings mount, cracks in the US economy start to show

When it comes to the status of the economy, Main Street and Wall Street are frequently at odds. The latest example is the possibility of a recession in 2022. Both parties are pessimistic, but small company owners are far ahead of the pack in terms of unfavorable sentiment. Wall Street predicted nine of the last […]

Tester: For most people, inflation is ‘absolutely’ the most important issue, not Roe v. Wade

Sen. Raymond Jon Tester (D-MT) declared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Friday that inflation, not Roe v. Wade, is the most important issue in most people’s lives. “What do you do when you’re confronted with ordinary issues that affect and impact ordinary people, like inflation?” questioned co-host Mike Barnicle. ” To most people, and understand what I’m about […]