Biden’s baby formula shortage worsening: Report

If you thought President Joe Biden’s baby formula shortage was over, think again.

According to Breitbart, not only is the shortage not over, it might actually be getting worse. A growing percentage of baby formula suppliers still haven’t been able to increase stock on store shelves, with some 30% of brands reportedly still unable to fulfill demand. 

“The nation reported a 30 percent out-of-stock rate on Friday, based on data from the week ended July 24. The week prior, ending July 17, the out-of-stock rate was 32 percent,” a Daily Mail piece published last week said.

In a separate Breitbart report, it was noted that migrant farmworkers in the United States have been forced to travel back to Mexico to obtain certain popular baby formulas, as Mexico has been able to keep up with demand with stocked shelves of most formulas.

As some have pointed out, the baby formula shortage dominated headlines earlier this year, making for an embarrassing public relations situation with the current administration. Some say the mainstream media have purposely buried the issue, which is still very much an issue, to help Biden’s White House save face.

Even with Biden’s mission to fly baby formula in from Europe, there’s still not enough to meet the needs of parents and babies in the richest, most prosperous nation on Earth.

Many believe that the shortage will be on the minds of voters come November. Only time will tell.

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