Biden sued over withheld info on migrant housing contracts

The Biden administration was sued on Wednesday over its failure to release documents regarding large government contracts to detain illegal immigrants at the southern border.

The Washington-based American Accountability Foundation filed two lawsuits against the departments of Health and Human Services and Homeland Security over the lack of documents in the matter.

“Aside from the efforts at DHS and HHS to cover up the crisis at our southern border with this housing contract, they also displayed the worst type of government cronyism,” AAF founder Tom Jones said in a statement.

“Instead of ignoring our FOIA requests, DHS and HHS need to come clean to the American people about the clear conflict of interest with this contract, and prioritize sound policy over political favors for their friends,” he added.

The apparent conflict of interest could be important, especially as the administration’s open border policies have led to a surge in illegal immigration.

The new lawsuits could serve to help also provide transparency regarding who benefits from the border surge, an important insight as the midterm elections near.

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  1. President Biden should be impeached for our open border and allowing all illegal immigrants into this country and bused and flown through out our country.

  2. I think they all need to go. They are hurting our country. All the criminals need to go back to their country. All illegals need to go back to their country until they are cleared. Only those with no records need apply.

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