Biden sends pallets of baby formula to illegal immigrants as Americans are left with no way to feed their babies

The Biden administration has been sending pallets of baby formula to illegal immigrants while many Americans cannot find a way to feed their own babies.

Florida Republican Rep. Kat Cammack shared the frustration many Americans feel during a video on Thursday.

“They are sending pallets, pallets of baby formula to the border,” Cammack in a video posted to Facebook Wednesday.

“Meanwhile, in our own district at home, we cannot find baby formula,” she added. The dilemma has led to growing anger among many Americans who see the move as another example of the Biden administration putting Americans last.

A New York Times report attributed much of the shortage to a manufacturing recall on baby formula that has left supplies scarce. The problem is in addition to supply chain and labor shortages.

The shortage is inexcusable and one that was avoidable. The Biden administration is just now responding long after the problem has become a full-blown crisis, once again showing America that he is leading from behind.

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  1. BLAINTLY they do not give a RAT’S a——-s. Or maybe they do. Feeding all the rodents instead of US citizens ???? The biggest joke DEM ‘s did was the big call for transparency. They are fleecing us right in front of our faces. And do not blink a eye. Did you hear the one about leading sheep to the SLAUTER. All I can see is wool, BA ! BA ! and the shedding of innocent life’s. Bad enough but the shearers are using dull and raged shears!!!!!~! And the greatest word ever used by DEM’s C H A N G E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its changed for sure

    1. Biden not legal. No federal elected employee in Congress can have their own made up election. Went around states- legislators and the legal voters of this Nation, using Obama, appointed try to get away with unconstitutional actions. Invalid, all of it. UNTIL a legal constitutional election is done by the States, President Trump is still our Leader. Pelosi knows this to be true, why her and Schumer been trying hard to destroy constitution- bill of rights. Arrest warrents should go out to all of them involved in this shameful act .

    2. Because no one has the guts to do anything about it. Biden loves illegals so much more then Americans. Why isn’t he sent to Mexico with no way back? He is willing to put our parents in a frightful situation and give all the formula he can find to illegals. This is outrageous. someone get a rope and tie Biden to back of wagon and lead him out of our White House to some place far away and then untie him and leave him there to fen for himself.

  2. 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻BASTARD
    Don’t forget he said Americans are last.
    Have these sorry ass illegals free loading on taxpayers money.

  3. Sleepy Joe a total loser someone should. Step in and remove him from office and that wife of his like him making a fool of his self so she can be a the First Lady can’t say what I call het

  4. For a person under stress with a bad memory, Biden, what other things has he given away?
    Is it the whole country under the seal of the Biden Whitehouse?

    Is he going to remember his other deals and deeds?

  5. Elon Musk spent 44M to buy Twitter , so give him a break on a date missed. He was catching so much flack , I am not surprised.
    It was a correction that was corrected.

    Read where Hunter was going to pay a fine & get away with away with all his misdeeds.

  6. God Help Us!! Why is this empty shell walking dead corpse being allow to betray the USA? He should be impeached and removed from office ASAP….but what the alternative??? Horizontal Harris?…Nancy I’ll make millions while the rest of the Country struggles..(another nightmare)!

  7. Most migrants probably NURSE their babies the old way our bodies were made to do.
    Most USA Moms have to work so baby formula is needed more by our own people. Lots of parents trade off on caring for the children so USA Dads need the formula when Mom works or the childcare person has to have it for the baby.
    Also we cannot afford to take care of illegals.

  8. Hope this baby food shortage open s all the demorats eyes what their LGB is doing to them as well. He doesn’t care about demo’s either, and they are stupid to not open thier eyes to reality, their socialist and anti-american. wait till the shit hits the fan and all our rights are gone, then they’ll see the light, it’ll be too late.

  9. Hello Frank, I sent a Reply Message, but it was
    Unfairly Removed! Once again, this is Typical when the WOLVES are Watching the Hen House!
    Impeach & Indict Anyone for Acts of TREASON, Incompetence & Failing to Preserve, Protect &
    Defend, “WE the PEOPLE of the USA”…
    God Bless America 🇺🇸🌞🇺🇸

  10. Impeachment or a Coup anyone will work this senile old bastard needs to go All of them put the family in jail and let’s see what the ministration has done they want to make this country a Socialist government or Communist
    Country, We need to make America first that’s what we were three years ago and we need it now

  11. At what point will the living, sane, citizens who actually voted for Trump decide to end this charade? Illegal aliens who’ve stolen dead citizens identities, mental patients votes harvested by democrats and fake test ballots run as real ballots gave us Biden – see 2000 mules. When will WE THE PEOPLE actually decide to claim our REAL PRESIDENT? What will it take before all 70 million of us scream enough!

  12. Well… I guess “bonkers”biden figures if we can’t abort the poor babies, we’ll just starve them to death. Nothing like a compassionate president, right?
    And that is EXACTLY what the monster is: NOTHING like a compassionate president!! What a sick, sick, insane excuse for a human……..

  13. I prayed so hard for the end of abortion,
    The end of covid, the end of Socialism,
    Communism, of Marxism. Nassim and
    The Biden administration. Well one out of seven is not bad. And I hope it will really happen.the rest may come soon I will keep
    Praying for my little ones and little ones lugand I will for the end of those evil problem too.

  14. I just read an email about senator Graham. He put Trump down and said Biden is the man for this time. You can’t not like Biden.
    If you’re from Graham’s state, please vote that rino out.
    I’m so angry about this and everything else they’re letting Biden do, I could bite nails info.

  15. Get rid of Biden! He is a total idiot and doesn’t even realize where he is at most of the time! The biggest joke that has ever been elected as the president of our country! We must have him impeached immediately!

  16. You can thank the democrats and the FBI for rigging the 2020 e presidential election results. Next time you vote make sure you vote democrat just look what they have done for the White USA citizens in just15 months

  17. If you voted for Biden, I GUESS YOU ARE HAPPY NOW!!! Between his lies and selling AMERICANS what more could you think he would come up. Like taking your savings, Pricing us out to the highest bidder RUSSIA, CHINA AND MEXICO.
    HAVE FUN WITH YOU VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I cannot imagine how Biden can hate America so much that he destroys it the way he’s doing. I say that anyone that hates our freedom as much as the government does should be thrown out of the country. If they like socialism so much go to live in China or somewhere where they enjoy socialism. America has been free to long to give freedom up now. We need to stand up for our freedom. Biden is taking his question from Obama and Cortez and omar. They are gearing up to another round of screwing the American people at the polls. Every true American should stop this. Look at what is happening now. Can you honestly say the government is acting in our behalf. Believe me the Republicans are no better. They could do more then what they are doing. McConnell is a rhino. He needs to be voted out just like polosi. WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO GET TOGETHER AND STOP THIS BEFORE OBAMA AND BIDEN AND POLOSI CAN CHANGE OUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH WHICH IS SOCIAL MEDIA. WE MUST UNITE !!!!

  19. Joe you deserve a F – on caring for our country and the citizens who were counting on a real president. your not a president or even a caring person. You know you can’t lie to God! I am sure when you meet the devil you will feel right at home!

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