Biden ends offshore leases through next year while using up oil reserves

President Joe Biden has banned offshore leases for drilling oil through 2023 while instead tapping into the nation’s oil reserves in a contradictory move that is destined to hurt the nation long-term. reported on the issue and its impact on the American economy.

“A delayed five-year program could jeopardize an average of $5 billion in U.S. GDP,” the report said.

“A delay in the offshore oil and gas leasing program could mean nearly 500,000 barrels per day produced here in the US. At a time of geopolitical uncertainty and rapidly rising energy prices, Gulf of Mexico oil and gas production is more important than ever,” the report added.

Instead of creating opportunities for energy independence, the Biden administration is creating an environment to fuel a climate change agenda that helps his donors but damages the country.

The ridiculous moves will set the next president up for major problems, but Biden seems to only care about political paybacks now without regarding for the nation or its economy.

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  1. Everything the Biden administration does benefits Communists , muslims, and criminals and is against Americans.Biden is Obama’s puppet and stooge.

  2. Why can’t we impeach the whole Biden administration and the Democrats and Rhinos in Congress. Then do away with all the three and 4 letter agency. Start our country from scratch. Because our government is so corrupt, that if we fire them all and start over, maybe we can get some people that will serve the American people. We need to stop all foreign aid. Until we get America straighten out. We need all illegals that have come into this country illegally in the last 14 months to be deported. We need to stop the spending that the fake Biden administration has spent since he came into off. Because America was bankrupt when Biden took over.

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