Biden cuts millions of acres eligible for oil drilling in Alaska

The Biden administration is banning oil and gas production on over half of Alaska’s 23-million-acre National Petroleum Reserve (NPRA), reversing a Trump-era policy that would have allowed oil exploration on more than 80% of the reserve.

The decision was issued on April 25 by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), which is part of the Department of the Interior.

It’s a return to an Obama-era proposal for managing the area, which would allow the administration to lease up to 52% of the reserve for oil and gas exploration.

Meanwhile, oil and gas leasing will be prohibited on the reserve’s remaining 11 million acres (48 percent), which includes the majority of lands within “special areas” and much of the reserve’s coastal area along the Beaufort Sea.

In January, the BLM stated that the Obama administration’s plan had been chosen as its “preferred alternative” for further consideration.

“Today’s decision ensures that the NPR-A will be managed by the 2013 IAP, while also including certain more protective lease stipulations and operating procedures for endangered species from the 2020 IAP/EIS, as confirmed through consultation with the US Fish, Wildlife Service, and the National Marine Fisheries Service,” as per the BLM.

The BLM said it had prepared a “Determination of National Environmental Policy Act Adequacy (DNA) for this action” and evaluated the “associated subsistence evaluation and biological opinions, determining they remain adequate under NEPA, Section 810 of the ANILCA and the Endangered Species Act to support a new decision by the Department.”

On the Alaskan North Slope, NPRA is the country’s largest unit of public land. The federal government owns it, and the Department of the Interior manages it.

The Naval Petroleum Reserves Production Act of 1976 authorized the area to generate more than $56 million in oil and gas leasing revenue in 2019.

Teshekpuk Lake and different fauna like brown bears, caribou, vulnerable polar bears, walrus, and endangered beluga whales are among the designated “special areas” in the area.

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  1. This president has no idea what he is doing. We need to increase the new oil supply so the price of gasoline would be reduced but
    Bidden does not see it that way. The house and senate needs to over rule Bidden and get the economy back to where it was prior to Bidden.

  2. It is so heart warming to see government caring so much about the world small fury creatures , rocks and squirrels frozen dirt. God only knows how much damage drilling a hole can cause when done safely and properly. Instead of the way they do most of the time. Sad note if it was done right. Bears could eat a worker or two and lunch boxes The REST OF THE COUNTRY COULD STAY WARM< HAVE FUEL FOR FOOD SURVIAL AN MAYBE SOME ONE WOULD DRIVE TO WORK!!!!!!!!!!~!! Lets give rethought and let Hogie Bear and friends a chance to get red of the excess populous????? Frank

    1. Frank I think everyone has a right to free speech. And I read you view.
      Are you friends with the Biden’s and Harris’? Do you have an endless bank account like them? Did you take advantage of others to get it?
      I think every safe guard should be taken to protect the land and the animals. But God gave us these resources to use too. For food, heat and yes fuel. So let them drill but put high safe guards in place. Americans are suffering, many have to choose food or s roof over their heads. They don’t have an endless bank acct. And as nice as it would. Be our government does not have one either. At some point Americans will be force to pay the debts Biden and his staff are stacking up. Can we get a promise from you to pay that debt for us to keep yoga fat and sassy? When its your grand baby living on the street will you still support greedy and clueless leaders?

    1. I am wondering if Joey is getting some kind of kick back for this from someone. Joe and the whore need to go and fast! When are they going to admit that the election was stolen just like Joe told us it would be before the election. This wrong needs to be corrected NOW!!!! I still have the picture of Biden telling us about the fraud that was set up for the last election. HOW WAS HE Allowed TO GET AWAY WITH IT??? I will send it to anyone who is going to do something about it.

    2. Democraps are killing our babies, country and ruining our lives! Get rid of the of the democratic politicians that want socialism and communism! We need President Trump to help us make America great again!!

  3. I live in Alaska and Biden is full of crap!
    The fauna have no problems with the pipelines, in fact there are photos of the caribou standing under the pipeline to warm up in the winter.

  4. Biden is the worst President in the history of this nation. He has done nothing but destroy. He has ruined the economy given us inflation. He does have a clue what he is doing. He should be impeached now. So ashamed of Democratic Party.

    1. In reality, Joe Biden is the Anti-Christ. Satan has been set on destroying this Country since its inception. We have taken God out of our schools, our government and public places, and even much of our family life. We have made gods out of evil, now every day life activities, such as: abortion, pornography, greed, homosexuality , which is now prevalent on many TV shows, and lack of love for our fellow man. Look at this country. We are rapidly being replaced as the shining light for the world by the more ungodly powers around the world. The Country of Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt is desperately trying to replace itself with the greedy and incompetent ilk of Biden, Harris, Pelosi and Schumer. Hollywood and the stupidity of most of our political class are leading us down the primrose path to perdition. Wake up America and get right with our Creator, or you will not survive beyond the next Presidential Election!!!

      1. amen the devil with out horns I prayer everyday we the people must some how get him out office whatever it takes We need GOD in every way before he completely destroys our great America FREEDOM isn’t FREE

      2. No he’s not the Antichrist! Everyone is supposed to love the Antichrist at first! Very few can even stand to look at Biden let alone listen to him! 😂😂 He and his administration are pure evil though, no respect, morals they really should be over a 3rd world communist country! They would fit perfectly there!


  6. Woo wee this is getting better biddiot were going to go all eletric now who cares that all the electric needed can not be produced,were going green,wind,solar the rest just get rid of now.

  7. Biden is being led by the woke crowd, Obama and whoever the squad is. Why is heaven’s name can’t someone stop all this stupid crap? We Americans need to be able to make a decent living so that we can feed our families and pay our bills. All this electric crap is not going to work. It takes fuel to make electricity so that is twice as much.

  8. Had Bozo not stopped the pipeline, it would now be finished or close to it, thousands would still have jobs, gas would still be reasonable, and we could supply all of Europe with gas and oil and cut Putin’s financial throat. Smart move, Bozo!

  9. This goes right back to the other election thief, Obama! HIS agenda, carried on by the dumb stump Biden. When will people wake up and see what is going on? Soros/ Obama are running the show, obama’s Third term in full force, Biden the sock puppet has NO authority, Obama has it all! WHY is that? What “ sketchy” deal was cooked up for Biden to be the “ front man” for Obama? We want to know!

  10. I was in the oil business for 34 years and a DIMWITOCRAT for 38 and I thought Jimmy Carter was an idiot but Biden and his administration make Jimmy Carter look like a genius!!! Why you ask, go to the internet and put in (what products and uses does petroleum have outside of gas) and you will find approx. 6,000 then explain to me how you are going to get these products out of solar and wind!!!

  11. Biden needs to go straight to the “rest home”. It will take years to “fix” the problems he
    has already caused. Why does Jill allow him in public? IF we have 3 more years of that bunch running
    our country we will not have a country that we will want to live in.
    If any policy was connected to TRUMP they can’t wait to destroy it.
    Only the hatred of Trump and his “tweets” put old Joe in office. See what we got. ELECTIONS HAVE CONSQUENCES so they
    say. Can’t wait for the next one.

  12. He is destroying our country on purpose. Jill has got to be in on it. What wife would sit by and not say how stupid his decisions are!!! November can’t come soon enough. This whole administration is completely insane, and evil. I did however have a good laugh watching Mayorkas, Pelosi and Schumer just look straight at us and lie, lie lie. The funny part is, they actually think we believe their lies. Had me roaring.


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