Biden administration seeks to stop offshore drilling in the Atlantic and Pacific despite energy crisis

In order to stop new offshore oil drilling projects in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, the Biden administration on Friday unveiled a five-year strategy.

According to the Interior Department, the proposed approach will enable the administration to hold zero new lease sales — a move that will further destroy the American economy. 

Over the course of the next five years, the plan might permit a maximum of 11 oil lease auctions for offshore drilling, 10 in the Gulf of Mexico and one in the Cook Inlet off the coast of south-central Alaska.

Per the Department of the Interior (DOI) Secretary Deb Haaland, “A Proposed Program is not a decision to issue specific leases or to authorize any drilling or development.”

“From Day One, President Biden and I have made clear our commitment to transition to a clean energy economy,” she continued.

The plan calls for expanding oil output and President Joe Biden’s commitment to combating climate change amid rising petrol prices and inflation. During his campaign, Biden also promised to outlaw offshore fossil fuel drilling.

Given that it frequently takes years for businesses to start drilling after a transaction is completed, any new offshore leases are unlikely to have an immediate influence on fuel costs.

A new five-year plan for offshore oil drilling will be implemented as part of the recently announced plan, which is needed by the federal government.

In the Gulf of Mexico, the DOI last staged an offshore oil and gas auction in November. However, the sale was later halted by court order on the grounds that the administration had not adequately taken into account the impact of the sale on the environment.

The DOI aims to invite public input on this topic and may adjust the areas they open up for new drilling based on the response they receive.

The Daily Caller News Foundation contacted the White House for comment, but they did not respond right away. The DCNF was directed by the DOI to a statement that was released at the time of the decision.




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  1. We need to be energy efficient. Open the pipeline and quit trying to make everyone buy electric cars. Average people that pay most of the taxes can’t afford electric cars. Much less new batteries when they need replacing. The electrical grid can’t support the electric cars as it is presently.

    1. Plus. a whole lot of the current EV’s are being recalled due to catching on fire. Not my idea of a great idea.

  2. Get jovomit out of office!! They have done nothing except destroy this country…n this gas crisis is just another one of those BS lies…lie lie lie deny deny deny… that’s their motto…get the pipelines up n running… drilling n fracking too…reimplement TRUMP policies that worked for this country… jovomit were ordered by the supreme court to reimplement stay in Mexico policy…they just ignored it…they are an illegitimate party that did not win $80,000,000 votes n we all know it

  3. You do realize this pathetic person we call president doesn’t care what anyone can afford! He already has his millions from China! Can we all say traitor?!? Do you not see what this piece of self-serving idiocy is doing and has done to our country already???? Does anyone believe China is so dumb they’d give this lunatic all that money because HE IS CUTE???? IT IS PAYDAY FOR CHINA, AND WHO BETTER TO DELIVER THAN THE ONE IN CHINA’S POCKET!!!!!

  4. Dumbo Biden is so ignorant it is frightening! Shutting down OUR oil production is what caused this! He “ thinks” he can push green energy with nothing in place to do it! Ev’s are NOT the answer! They are too expensive, too dangerous, production of them harm the environment more than gas powered vehicles! The ones behind this hoax of climate change are making millions from it, and still doing nothing about it! Just ask al gore how much HE has made, and still makes!

  5. What decision has the old groper made that wasn’t a sick decision? Thus far, all of them have been, but—— they aren’t HIS decisions, they are obama’s! Every e.o., every mandate, every statement has been obama verbatim! Biden sold his soul to the devil’s henchman, just so he could “ pretend” to be president! What happens when his usefulness is over, arkancide? 25th amendment? Forced resignation? We will soon find out.

  6. Time for impeachment Joe. AS our President, you are really the one who has been working with our enemies and committing crimes against our people. Open the oil wells, close the border and get your advisors and most of your Congressional friends out of our lives. Please, Please, Please..

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