Biden administration intends to resume government oil and gas development ambitions

President Joe Biden’s Department of the Interior announced on Friday that it will resume preparations for approving oil and gas leases on public land, citing rising gas prices and a court ruling allowing the agency to consider climate change when crafting policies.

In the early days of his presidency, Biden froze all oil and gas drilling on public property, and the subject has been in and out of the courts ever since.

While the Biden administration fought to add a climate change metric in its leasing choices, red-state governors sued, saying that lease limitations on federal land harmed American jobs and states’ economies.

As of press time, there was no notice on the Department of Interior’s official website, but Interior spokesperson Melissa Schwartz emailed a message to media contacts following the court ruling earlier this week.

In a statement, Schwartz said, “With this ruling, the department continues its planning for prudent oil and gas production on America’s public lands and waterways.”

Kathleen Sgamma, president of the Western Energy Alliance, stated in an email, “We’ve heard directly from [the Bureau of Land Management (BLM)] that the district court ruling caused them to halt progress because they would have had to change the analysis, but that’s no longer the case, and they can move forward.”

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is the federal agency in charge of managing federal lands and resources.

The American Petroleum Institute (API), a trade group that represents the oil and gas industry, praised the development in an email to reporters on Friday.

“At a time when the government and allies around the world are pushing for more American energy,” API said, “We appreciate the Interior Department’s statement today and urge the administration to hold onshore lease sales under the Mineral Leasing Act with sufficient acreage and fair terms.”

“Because leasing is only one phase in the process of extracting oil and gas from federal lands and waterways,” The Hill wrote, “changes in leasing policy are not likely to have substantial short-term impacts on fuel supplies.”

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  1. Too little. Too late. Radical Democrats are lost on America and its people. Green only counts on March 17 while wallets are otherwise stretched. Conservatives with the good sense of sustainability WIN!!!

  2. We need to have our oil fields opened back up. Biden is not a leader. He is letting the certain few people in Congress ruin this country.

  3. Biden should sign off on all drilling, restart the Keystone pipeline, etc. Lets go back to the Trump era America First!

  4. I read that there are two large oil finds that may rival Sudia’s known reserves in National Parks. One in South Dakota the other in Alaska. Here in Appalachia, we are standing on a wealth of shale oil and gas that just started to be explored twenty years ago and drilled for recently. America not only has the ability to become energy-independent but also a major net exporter to the world market. The ‘Great Global Warming Hoax” came from a 1986 UN Climate Report. Sorry but I don’t trust the UN. Now I read, maybe disinformation, that the “Great Global Warming Hoax” is Russian propaganda. Unfortunately, I can believe that. The major sources of income for Russia are oil and gas and weapon sales. More oil production means cheaper prices. means bankruptcy for the Russians, again. Putin can’t have that. Only speaking for myself but it’s time to turn to science, get over the hysteria and politics and use what is available to us until something better becomes available and feasible/cost effective.

  5. Biden dumped on America when he signed away the xl pipeline and stopped the leases, knowing it would send oil higher and higher! Democrats in EDT in foreign oil or ldiots like soros to make billions, a fool like Biden and Obama do what he says, they make tons of money off foreign oil and we pay the max price, as you know by now Biden owns stock in China oil and owns another company making money from Russian oil! I bet that grabbed his A$$ when he had to stop buying Russian oil! I hope Bidens loses it!! Demorats are always passing thing they can make money from or fake programs like go green! Climate change! And Solar fields! Those high money requests in big packages that will never be used but end up in Democrat hands then ask for more! All the money they send to other countries with kickbacks! Every dime a Demorat gets they should be accountable for 100% they can’t be trusted! It’s stupid to be a super power and be dumb enough to buy foreign oil! All we do is make those countrys alot of money while we pay for it dearly! We have enough of our own to last forever!

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