Biden admin fails to close deal with oil refineries to lower gas prices

For weeks, President Joe Biden and his administration have placed a significant amount of blame for high gas and energy prices on major oil refinery companies, in addition to blaming Vladimir Putin.

After calling the heads of several large oil companies to the White House, President Biden had some of his top officials meet with the executives, including Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm. The result wasn’t what Americans had hoped, as Granholm emerged from the meeting without any progress made, according to Reuters

Both the Biden administration officials and the Big Oil executives entered the meeting, reportedly, with good faith intentions to see if something can be done to ease the pain at the pump.

However, as Reuters noted, at the conclusion of the meeting, the two sides were still “far apart” on long-term solutions to get a handle on the energy crisis facing America.

Granholm has recently taken criticism for echoing Biden’s insistence that Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is significantly responsible for the spike in energy prices.

During the meeting with Big Oil executives, President Biden met with a group of executives from the wind energy sector.

Critics were also quick to point out that during the 2020 presidential campaign, Biden vowed to “end fossil fuels.”

“I want you to look at my eyes. I guarantee you, I guarantee you we’re going to end fossil fuels,” the president said on the campaign trail during a stop in New Hampshire.

Gas prices for weeks now have hovered around the $5 per gallon mark, breaking all-time records as Americans struggle with 40-year inflation highs and overall higher costs for everyday goods and services.

The Biden administration was heavily criticized this week from all sides for entertaining the idea of a federal gas tax holiday, which would knock roughly 18 cents off the price of a gallon of gas, saving most consumers somewhere in the range of $30 over the summer.

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  1. Biden and his goons know what the solution is, they just won’t do it. Drill baby, drill. Open up federal lands.

    1. Well if you want more drilling we need Trump. trump was drilling and opened up so much oil/gas for us and Biden shut it all down immediately upon stealing the presidency. Biden in America’s worst enemy these days and then to have Kamala as VP we have no way out at present time. If only Biden had a decent VP we could impeach Biden and have VP take over but in this case that would be even worse if worse is possible. 2024 can’t come soon enough but we will have to be so careful that we don’t let Democraps steal it again.

    2. Continue the Keystone pipeline, quit all the political crap, biden is trying to eliminate all Trump’s accomplishments that were good, well idiot Joe, it’s backfired, Trump is the hero, and you are just the idiot who has caused all our current inflation and HIGH GAS COST problems. biden is an ignorant, incompetent idiot just as as the idiots who elected the creep!

  2. Biden can’t force people to buy electric cars but he is trying to make it so painful for the American people at the pump that they will voluntarily go out and buy them. Good luck with that. I’ll drive an EV when Scranton Joe sells his Corvette and drives one.

    1. I will take an electric car if Biden buys me one. LOL Maybe that should be the next stimulus Biden buys us all an electric car/truck. LOL

  3. Consider the “carbon footprint” that is required to “make, manufacture, and drive electric vehicles”. It TAKES petroleum products kiddies. Please note , it takes more ENERGY TO MAKE and drive an electric car. Surprised? Those “wind turbines” with the 75 foot long propellers. Each propeller is carbon fiber and the lifespan is 10 Years, AND IS NOT RECYCLABLE ! How many migratory birds , owls , hawks ,and other fowl are killed by these “wind mills”.

  4. Biden’s folly of shutting down our energy production will have repercussions long after that old turd begins his “ dirt nap”! He is too arrogant, inept, beligerent and stupid to care! Then he is begging other countries for oil! Ludicrous! Get him and his regime out! November is too far away!

  5. Let just ask a question: Is the Biden Crime Family getting paid for this failure? would not be any surprise if he ss getting paid – cause he does not do anything unless he pockets re filled! The biggest threat to the USA is Biden as the man that sits in the Oval office. He is not my President and never will be. He and his friends Soros, Gates, Zuckerberg, Obama (did you see this morning that he has put one of Soros plans at work) – that real good news because it proves who he is working for and what he is doing! They are the Nazi’s of WWII right here in the gold ol UA!

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