Biden admin awarded $172 million federal contract to group assisting juvenile border crossers linked to George Soros

According to a report this week, President Joe Biden’s administration awarded a roughly $172 million federal contract to a left-wing organization associated with billionaire George Soros to assist juvenile border crossers evade deportation, according to Breitbart News.

Adam Shaw and Joe Schoffstall of Fox News reported on Thursday that the Vera Institute of Justice, which has connections to George Soros, has been awarded a $171.7 million federal contract to represent unaccompanied alien children (UACs) who are facing expulsion from the US.

According to Fox News, the government contract may end up providing the Vera Institute of Justice with $1 billion in taxpayer money:

The arrangement lasts until March 2023 but can reach as high as $983 million if renewed until March 2027, the agreement shows. This appears to be the largest federal contract Vera has secured for immigration-related services for any single year dating back to the mid-2000s. [Emphasis added]

The Vera Insitute, meanwhile, is propelled by taxpayer-backed government grants and contracts like the one it secured in March. Between July 1, 2020, and June 30, 2021, $152 million of the group’s $191 million in revenue came from government sources, its most recent financial audit shows. [Emphasis added]

The institute seeks to end “mass incarceration” by cutting down on the number of jails, prisons and detention centers in the United States. The group has also signaled support for defunding police. [Emphasis added]

As Breitbart News reported in 2018, the Obama administration had previously awarded the Vera Institute of Justice $310 million to aid UACs in avoiding deportation.

The organization also receives funding from taxpayers through sanctuary states.

The Vera Institute of Justice, for instance, worked with the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 2019 to develop a program aimed at assisting illegal immigrants to escape deportation especially by offering them free legal services.

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  1. Of course the bumbling idiot in the White House would do this! All the demonrats are in Soros’ pocket! He needs to be deported, his citizenship rescinded and send him back to Hungary, with the rest of his family, he has NO place in our country! Plus shut down ALL of his pacs, his groups as well. Anything or anyone connected with him needs to go!

  2. Why is George Soros even allowed in our country and why is our country even letting his dirty money come into our country? This is such a disgrace and can’t someone put a hold on Bidens leftist spending?

  3. Knowing full well who and what GEORGE SOROS is and represents should raise numerous questions as to why such an individual with enormous wealth and fingers in every vital organization there is regarding banking, politics, universities, etc. manage to poison everything he touches thus abusing our CONSTITUTION-BILL OF RIGHTS in order to gain control of not only the UNITED STATES but the entire WORLD……
    This individual needs not only to be deported but lose his citizenship as well along with all the organizations he has founded and funded to those politicians he has funded along with appointed JUDGES who also need to be investigated and deported…… This is a travesty to our nation as well as our JUDAEO/CHRISTIAN VALUES…..There is no INTEGRITY when you have such a devious person with great wealth out to do a COUNTRY harm……

  4. Biden needs to be impeached immediately. Why is the government using taxpayers money to pay for illegal immigrants? Why hasn’t Soros been deported as he is subverting our Republic and supports Marxist organizations like BLM and ANTIFA who openly states they want to tear down our country? All these organizations need to have their funds Confiscated along with Soros funds! Of course he has the Democrats in his pocket so that explains why nothing has been done about them. “Equal Justice for all”

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