Inflation expert says inflation is ‘here to stay’

Last month, Americans were once again shocked that the inflation rate had hit another new high, touching a 40-year record when many top economists had predicted that the number would likely begin to inch downward. Making bad news even worse, according to Fox News, experts are now saying — with confidence — that record-high inflation […]

Biden admin fails to close deal with oil refineries to lower gas prices

For weeks, President Joe Biden and his administration have placed a significant amount of blame for high gas and energy prices on major oil refinery companies, in addition to blaming Vladimir Putin. After calling the heads of several large oil companies to the White House, President Biden had some of his top officials meet with […]

Biden faces harsh reaction to tariff moratorium on Chinese solar panels


As part of its push to ramp up green energy initiatives in the United States, President Joe Biden’s administration recently announced a pause on tariffs for solar panels manufactured in four southeast Asian countries that the U.S. Department of Commerce believes are actually made in China or funded by Chinese companies. Top officials and experts […]

White House says Biden has prepped US to ‘deal’ with recession

President Joe Biden has taken increased criticism over the past several weeks as inflation and high energy costs continue to hit the pocketbooks of American voters. Biden and his top officials have adamantly stated that a recession isn’t inevitable, an assertion contrary to what a growing number of economists are saying, but White House Press […]

Biden confirms he’s considering gas tax holiday

The White House is under pressure from all sides as the national average price of gasoline hovers around the $5.00 per gallon mark, with no real relief in sight, according to top economists. However, according to CNBC, President Joe Biden is nearing a final decision on declaring a federal gas tax holiday to bring consumers […]

Analyst warns that Fed’s aggressive rate hike could ‘break’ economy

As inflation continues to tighten its grip on Americans’ bank accounts, the Federal Reserve has made a number of aggressive moves to combat the situation, but analysts are sounding the alarm. According to Fox Business, some economic experts believe that Fed’s recent rate hikes, including recently the first 75 basis point hike since 1994, could […]

Biden administration says ‘we don’t need’ more oil drilling in US

As energy prices soar, especially oil and gas, critics of the Biden administration have argued that simply encouraging increased domestic drilling would help begin to ease the country’s dependence on expensive, foreign fossil fuels. But President Joe Biden’s White House doesn’t believe that’s a proper solution to the ongoing problem, with White House press secretary […]

Biden threatens to invoke emergency war powers in message to oil companies

As inflation continues to soar, driving the cost of everyday goods, services, and necessities such as gasoline to record-high prices, the White House is taking an increasing amount of heat from all corners of the media world. According to Fox Business, in an effort to begin driving down gas prices, which topped $5.00 per gallon […]

Google to pay out massive settlement in ‘gender discrimination’ lawsuit

It’s a drop in the bucket, money-wise, for Google’s parent company, Alphabet, but the tech giant will soon have to sign checks for some 15,500 current and former female employees as a result of a massive class-action lawsuit centered around “gender discrimination.” The lawsuit, which has been litigated for roughly five years, alleges that the […]

Report: Joe Biden has reversed all stock market gains since taking office

Overall, the U.S. stock market has taken a rough beating over the past few months, especially as inflation rates continue to skyrocket and investors become considerably more risk-averse. According to Fortune, this week’s Wall Street activity marked a new record — one not favorable to President Joe Biden and his administration. As the market tanked […]