Facebook offers Zuckerberg’s “Supreme Court” $150 million in funding

Facebook has approved a new $150 million commitment over a three-year period to support its worldwide oversight board, sometimes known as Facebook’s “Supreme Court,” which serves as an ostensibly impartial body that examines the company’s operations and rules. According to Axios, Facebook (now known as Meta) announced a fresh $150 million commitment over a three-year […]

Mark Zuckerberg’s antitrust defense exposed by an internal Facebook memo

Facebook (now known as Meta) claims that its social networking platforms have dozens of external rivals. A recently disclosed internal document shows that top executives were more concerned about threats posed by its own products than by competitors. According to Bloomberg, a recently disclosed internal memo reveals that Facebook executives’ internal opinions conflict with the […]

California’s new pro-union law could put a stop to the supply chain

Truck drivers in California are protesting in several locations to voice their opposition to Assembly Bill (AB) 5, a new bill supported by unions that reclassifies them as employees as opposed to independent contractors and could have a drastic impact on an already strained supply chain. The regulation will complicate or make illegal many of […]

Paul Pelosi invests millions in semiconductor stocks before subsidy vote

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) husband, Paul Pelosi, has invested up to $5 million in stocks of a semiconductor company. According to Reuters, this happens just before the Senate is scheduled to vote next week on a bill regarding the competition that would provide a $52 billion subsidy to the semiconductor industry. As per a declaration […]

EU mulls bloc-wide gas rationing as public told to expect prices to triple

In an effort to combat shortages in winter, the European Union is considering rationing gas across the continent; the public has been warned to anticipate a tripling of prices. The European Union now appears to be concerned that a breaking point may soon be upon its member states as supplies decline and prices skyrocket; the […]

Silicon Valley CEO arrested over 1992 cold case murder

Detectives in Mountain View, California, have taken the CEO of a tech company into custody for a murder they believe he committed 30 years ago. President and CEO of ReadyTech Corp. John Kevin Woodward is charged with killing Laurie Houts on September 5, 1992. The CEO of software company ReadyTech, John Woodward, has been arrested in […]

Biden’s promoting electric cars produced in China while he sells SPR oil to China

On Friday’s episode of “Maria Bartiromo’s Wall Street” on the Fox Business Network, host Maria Bartiromo spoke with Rep. James Comer (R-KY) about the Biden administration’s promotion of electric cars. The product whose top manufacturer is based in China, as well as the elimination of the Department of Justice’s China Initiative and the possibility of […]

Read Elon Musk’s letter to Twitter calling off his $44 billion takeover deal

In a letter to Twitter that was filed with the SEC on Friday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that he was pulling out of the $44 billion deal to buy Twitter. Read Elon Musk’s letter to Twitter calling off his $44 billion takeover deal https://t.co/loBoHlLpbh — Business Insider Tech (@BITech) July 9, 2022 After months […]