Amid record-high gas prices, Biden admin cancels massive oil and gas lease sale

According to AAA, the Biden administration on Wednesday canceled one of the most high-profile oil and gas lease sales pending before the Department of the Interior, as Americans face record-high gas prices.

As Americans suffer from exorbitant gas costs, the Interior Department has revoked a one-million-acre oil lease in Alaska.

The Department of the Interior (DOI) has put a stop to oil drilling on almost 1 million acres in Alaska’s Cook Inlet, as well as two lease sales in the Gulf of Mexico. Despite his administration’s generally antagonistic attitude toward the oil industry, Biden has made a few steps to reduce rising gas prices.

According to CBS News, a DOI official cited a “lack of industry interest in leasing in the area” as the reason for the decision “not to move forward” with the Cook Inlet lease sale.

The department also canceled the Gulf of Mexico leases – leases 259 and 261 – due to “conflicting court rulings that impacted work on these proposed lease sales,” according to the spokesman.

The Department of the Interior is required by law to follow a five-year leasing strategy when auctioning offshore leases. The department had until June 30 to complete the sales under the current five-year plan, which was set to expire.

President Biden signed an executive order temporarily banning new oil and gas leases on federal lands within his first week in office. Following judicial challenges to the moratorium, the administration restarted new leasing last month. The administration is appealing a decision by Trump’s appointment Judge James Cain, who struck down the ban.

In January, the District Court in Washington, D.C., nullified another Gulf of Mexico lease, lease 257. The government will not appeal the decision, which affects a different lease than the ones referenced by a DOI official on Wednesday.

In remarks to FOX Business on Wednesday, Steve Milloy, a former Trump-Pence EPA transition member and publisher of, traced the lease cancellations back to President Biden.

“In Alaska, the problem was that the greens scared off virtually everyone,” Milloy explained. “It’s expensive to explore and drill, and the greens made it pretty clear, they were going to make it even more difficult.”

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  1. The real problem and solution. I read a BOOK that said moderation in all things. Life cycle- Big eating the smaller and so on. But taking only what is needed to live or survive. Coal to ratio of trees no problem. Trees give oxygen from coal carbon dioxide Tit for tat. Cow waste the original way processed filtered down the earth naturally giving nutrient’s back and cleaning. Mean while earth . filtering the DARK WATER back to clean drinking water to water table. But now the BIGGIES are eating all the Smallies. Taking every thing they can eat. Cow waste or DARK WATER now liquified flowing straight into water supply ! Now the biggies and greediest are taking more than ever needed in their life time. Soon there will be no more DARK MONEY or DARK WATER , both sound the same. First off, MOTHER EARTH or a comet needs to turn all Gov. or biggies into complete crap and drain the dark water out of the pond. Then maybe some ameba with a BRAIN can really Focus on the real problems and fix the major problem of which BATH ROOM TOO USE !! I would say one thing, Our founding fathers would really be POUD of us now, BUT!! I can not say WASHINGTON, its offensive to college students. May be if they added DC to their college charter ????

  2. Why is Joe Biden still president ? He has done more than his share of ruining America, More over he doesn’t care. He doesn’t care for America or the people.Get rid of the silly ole FOOL.

  3. The answer can really be simple if the right people take control and I M P E A C H the sorriest excuse for a president of the United States in my lifetime (85 years old!!) Republicans and Democrats need to work together on this challenge and ship Joe Biden back to where he came from if those people will still have him. If they won’t take him back, send him to some uninhabited place and let him fend for himself!!

    W J S

    1. Yeah, Jill needs to take him home or to A HOME. She surely can see how he is struggling. Dems thought they could fraud their way into the W.H. no matter whom they put in. I am 87 and I have never seen anything so pitiful in the government.

  4. Biden could have been gotten rid of a long time ago for TRESON. He sold out our Country. He and his VP and his Speaker of the house. They should have been gone from our Leadership a long time ago and showed have been BANNED from EVER service in OUR COUNTRY for their life times. We Want OUR Country and Our Liberties BACK!!!

    1. I am older than Biden but FAR FAR FAR more cognizant than Biden. I am watching in horror the debacle that has been this so called Administration (so called because Biden is just a puppet doing what he is told to do).
      The Dems don’t just want to be in control, but will do anything to get that control, then when. they get control they start tearing our Republic down.

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