Americans issued dire warning by Bank Of America

Bank of America strategists have given a grave warning about the near-term economic future for Americans.

According to Bloomberg, Bank of America strategist Michael Hartnett stated, “Base case remains equity lows, yield highs yet to be reached.”

According to the New York Post, the unprecedented economic crash is far from done, as the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged more than 1,000 points and the Nasdaq fell more than 5% during Thursday’s session.

According to the Post, the broad-based S&P 500 has lost over 14% since the start of 2022, the worst start since 1939.Strategists

According to Bloomberg, Bank of America analysts termed the current market as “paralysis rather than panic” as investors try to figure out how the Fed’s long-term rate hike plan will affect their holdings.

Hartnett wrote, “‘Recession shock’ was priced-in too quickly; this is a problem as stronger-than-expected economic data in the first half is causing the market to price-in longer/bigger inflation/rates shock.”

According to the Washington Post, inflation reached 8.5 percent in March, the highest level since 1981.

According to BlackRock President Rob Kapito, present and future inflation rates would undoubtedly lead to labor and raw material shortages, removing daily commodities from American shelves.

Only 2% of Americans thought the present economic situation was “good” in a recent Gallup poll. More than three-quarters of those polled believed the economy was deteriorating.

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  1. Only thing I would suggest ? Buy a BIG BOX of CANDELS and a Large PRINT BIBLE, there is major DARKNESS coming ,and it is coming fast. Mercy on us all.

  2. What do you expect Biden administration and China are in charge. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Is there some place in the Constitution explaining how to get out of office, Bungling Biden, Humpy Harris, Nasty Nancy, Slimy Shumer and their gang of incompetents?

  4. We do not need a WOKE company telling us what we already knew. Funny how all corporate America is distancing itself from this administration and its disastrous and inflationary policies now. Wake up America, we can’t keep giving away free stuff to people who do not work or contribute, the market will crash completely when this happens for long. Now maybe the new witch that runs the disinformation office can come pay me a visit!

  5. Democrats have, by hook and crook, and the rest of the stupid body politic, the most corrupt family to the presidential palace. The Clintons are in awe and envy what this venial avarice family has managed to steal with no repercussions. Hopefully Mr Magoo’s poll numbers reflect the awakening the American people to guard this gracious country from its demise!!

  6. Amazing how quickly the Biden admin has plunged our country into total decay and darkness. There is a saying that says, “Better one man perish than a whole world perish” This could be said about our current administration,. Better one administration or party perish than the whole country go down in defeat.

  7. American citizens are ignored and terrorize daily uhm, Duh the enemy is within government we sure are all in so much danger.

  8. Never give up never surrender! United we stand divided we fall remember that Americans! We are a great country and we can survive this! All those in charge right now will pay for what they have done one way or another. Never give up never surrender!

  9. Welcome to the wonderful world Of being a prepper and being a Survivorlist. Now All the people who said I was crazy who said I was wasting my money who looked at me strange well boys and girls welcome to your new world in America. Yeah what’s really gonna grape your butt for 20 years I’ve been waiting for this to come about . So I’m gonna give one piece of advice here it’s nice here maybe 2 it just depends 1st off your money does you’ve no good in the bank your money is losing value day-by-day so if you’ve got money in the bank and a savings account a jar of coins you need to turn all that in to Things that will help you survive the next 5 years because the next 2 years are gonna be terrible it’s gonna take 3 years to bring us back to just being bad probably takes 7 years to 10 years to bring us back to where we were before the pandemic. You need to right now go out and get as many books on survival list on food on how to stay warm how to make water when there is none how to grow food when there’s none in the store folks folks I really don’t care what you do what you do long as you do something. And one last thing the only people who will have anything like food water comfort good houses will be either the Uber rich those who work for them and And of course government officials officials and those who work for them they’ll have bread and Bologna while you’ll be looking at steel byeah stale bread and no Bologna and you’ll be glad to have it so start now while you can. Well everyone sorry for the long post good luck out there the world is Is spinning out of control find a good place to hunker down. Good luck to everyone God-bless America America and those who want to make it great again and no that was not a political thing for Donald Trump it’s a thing that all Americans should want where the greatest country in the world and we act like we’re the dumbest country in the universe get your head out of your nose and we can fix this country but it’s gonna take the blood of patriots just like it did in the beginning of this country My God-bless the soul

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