Americans increasingly blame Biden for skyrocketing inflation

As inflation continues to take a harsh toll on the U.S. economy, especially with regard to groceries, gasoline, and other everyday essentials, political loyalties are quickly fading.

As evidenced in a recent poll from The Washington Post and George Mason University’s Schar School of Policy and Government, a vast majority of Americans, politics aside, are placing the blame for the record-setting inflation increasingly on President Joe Biden. 

The bad polling news for Biden’s White House came at the same time the latest inflation numbers were released by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), which showed an unwanted, upward trend on the Consumer Price Index (CPI), hitting 8.6%.

The latest inflation figure officially hit a 40-year record high, having last hit such a level during the beginning of President Ronald Reagan’s first term in the White House, before his officials eventually returned the economy back to normalcy through tax cuts and aggressive Fed rate actions.

“Thirty percent of households say they think inflation will get much worse over the next 12-months. Another 36 percent say the situation with rising prices will get somewhat worse,” Breitbart noted of the WaPo/George Mason University poll.

Combined, roughly two-thirds of Americans believe that the situation will continue to worsen over the next year.

Only 10% indicated that they believe the inflation situation will stay about the same.

Some Americans remain optimistic, with 21% revealing that they believe inflation will calm down over the next year, and another 7% believe the situation will drastically improve.

American households are feeling the financial heat, according to the survey’s results. Some 37% of households indicated that the high prices caused by inflation are a cause of financial distress in the household. Fifty percent said that the higher prices cause minor financial distress.

Combined, 87% of American households admit that inflation is causing at least some level of financial distress for their households.

Survey respondents also indicated that in order to counter the rise in prices, they’re searching for lower-cost goods, cutting out entertainment, and generally tightening the financial belt for the time being, actions that will likely have another ripple effect on the consumer economy over the course of the next 12 months.

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  1. Democrats policy they mislead to get into office and then spend us into recession. Biden a life time politician has been the biggest disaster. Made himself rich and turns his back and ruins the voters economy. This will be remembered for a very long time.

  2. I blame the liberal media and the republicans & democrats for this entire mess. Now let me see, the democrats are in control of the house, the senate, and the white house but we all know it is Trumps fault. Now what idiots would vote for a disaster like this. I believe the liberal news media told everyone that the democrats would fix everything. How is that working out for everyone? I don’t know about you but my family has cut back on everything and we only go to places that we can walk to. Hopefully the people will vote these idiots out of office in the next election, if the country will last that long. I will vote for anyone who is not an incumbant because we can’t trust the people who are in office now. What can they do next? I believe they now want your guns too, and then the criminals will be in control. Isn’t America great. I will be surprised if this gets printed because I have been censored me many times before.

  3. It’s all traitor joe’s fault.
    Disastrous decisions & no understanding of how the economy works. Like having a grade school class run our economy.
    Joe’s fault totally,, no one else to blame.. Man up biden, be accountable.
    FJB !!!

  4. I suppose my post will be deleted as usual but here goes: All people that do not depend solely on the LIBERAL media know the truth about the 2020 Presidential election. Biden has been in politics for 50 years and has not done one thing to help the working class people. He and his underhanded son have used those years in D.C. to get filthy rich. The DNC coaxed Biden out of his basement with a plan that was sure to get him into the Oval Office. He accepted their offer and voila, the greatest conspiracy in the history of the USA was accomplished. The rest is before our eyes. They have all but destroyed this country and we are all having to suffer.

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