Report: America pays $70 million every day to Putin for oil

Consider the absurdity of the situation… Joe Biden is making a show of toughness by threatening Russia with penalties in response to Vladimir Putin’s heinous invasion of Ukraine. At the same time, we pay around $70 million per day to Russia for oil shipments.

In other words, America has sent Putin about a half-billion dollars throughout his criminal war against Ukraine over the last seven days!

What exactly is going on here? On the one hand, Biden complains that sanctions are harming Vlad, while on the other, we’re handing him $70 million a day!

This is insane. However, it is true…
“The United States bought 209,000 barrels per day (bpd) of crude oil and 500,000 barrels per day (bpd) of other petroleum products from Russia in 2021.”

Oil is originally priced at $106 a barrel, with the crisis in Ukraine being one of the reasons for its high price, thus… Because it was Biden who came into government, promptly canceled an American oil pipeline, and then approved Putin’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

It was Biden who ended the Trump administration’s energy independence by revoking lucrative oil leases, among other things.

When we don’t have to, we send this massive $70 million per day. At home, all we have to do is drill, dig, and frack. How can Biden and the Democrats scream bloody murder over the war in Ukraine when it was their irrational environmental policies that enabled it?

So keep all of this in mind while Slow Joe tries to be harsh with Putin. The truth is that when given the option of developing our own resources or enriching a tyrant to the tune of $70 million per day, Biden decided to enrich the tyrant.

Not only would Putin be too bankrupt to wage an unjust war if the Western world just used its own energy resources, but he would also lose power over a West that now has to rely on a dictator to keep its lights on.

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