Tucker Carlson: Liberals want to expel Marjorie Taylor Greene because they hate democracy

If you haven’t heard. all the Democratic politicians and major media outlets want freshman congresswoman Majorie Taylor Greene expelled from Congress. That’s despite the fact that she was voted into office with 75% of the vote in her district.

So much for Democracy. Dems think they should have a veto over the American people.

Tucker Carlson had an amazing segment on why Greene is such a hot button issue. Carlson said:

This week’s enemy is freshman Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., who is apparently so dangerous that in the name of democracy, she must be expelled from Congress. She was elected just months ago with 75% of the vote, roughly the same percentage that Nancy Pelosi got out in San Francisco. There’s no question that her voters very much wanted her to represent them in Washington.

On the other hand, what are her voters have to do with democracy? That’s not how democracy works. In the new democracy, CNN gets the veto. If cable news doesn’t like your views, you have to leave Congress. That’s the rule. The test is entirely ideological. You don’t actually have to harm anyone to lose your job. This new member of Congress has barely even voted, but CNN says she has bad opinions. Therefore, she’s the greatest threat we face.

Now, if you’re skeptical about any of this, our advice is keep it to yourself, because free inquiry is dead and unauthorized questions are hate speech. Anyone who suggests that this one member of Congress is not really America’s greatest enemy is by definition one of America’s greatest enemies. That would include “Tucker Carlson Tonight”, which CNN spent yet another weekend trying to get pulled off the air by force. They’re children, obviously, but that does not mean they will not win in the end or that it won’t get worse in the meantime.

Why, you ask? Simple: Donald Trump is gone now. That’s very bad news for the many people who made a living yelling at Donald Trump. And it’s especially dangerous for their political party, a party whose nonsensical coalition can only hang together by collectively throwing rocks at whomever happens to be at the center of the hate circle today. If there’s no more Donald Trump, that means you get to be Donald Trump.

Conservatives need to understand that no matter how much they denounce whoever the liberal media is outraged about, they’ll still be the enemy at the end of the day.

In my opinion, Greene has said some stupid things. But if we expelled people from Congress for saying stupid things, we wouldn’t have any congresspeople left.

The left doesn’t care about Greene – they care about power. Conservatives would be stupid to take the bait.

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    1. You go greene, we all need to stick together on what’s right,, the Dems don’t like honesty, only layers of courption and lies…

    2. Hopefully she will bring out Biden’s laptop issues and finally impeach him and the penalize the corrupt family. She needs to get him to show us what he is hiding .

    3. Yes there’s a Rep. Green from Texas who should be removed from congress but it’s Rep Al Green and he’s a democrat,

      Bruce Wales 1/16/21 9:00 am

      B. F#. E. F#
      E. F#. B. F#.
      B. F#
      Tell us all your stories, People
      Tell us what is true
      B. F#. E
      How you’ll fight the forest fires of lies
      B. F#
      It’s a conflagration, People
      ‘NWhat you’re (all) gonna do.
      B. F. B
      (But) We all know the truth will never die

      B. F#
      Tell us your old glories, People
      ‘NHow you’re gonna fight
      B. F#. E
      (But we) Got to trust in YOU to save America
      B. F#
      How much did they pay you, People
      To sell away Our Rights?
      B. F#. E
      (Was it) Gambl-ers of Wall Street, (or the) valley of silico——n?
      B. F#. E. F#
      Ain’t nobody like our Marjorie Green
      B. F#. E. F#
      Nothin’ (like a) new broom to sweep up clean
      B. F#. E
      Tell us, Georgia are you feeling’ keen?
      E. F#. B. E. F#
      Ain’t nobody like your Marjorie Green

      INSTRUMENTAL (see intro)
      B. F#
      Tell us like we’re children, People
      Like we’ll misunderstand
      B. F#. E
      Dial up the pomp and vitriol
      B. F#
      Who are you convincing, People
      (That) You’re taken down the right man
      B. F#. E. G
      Who betrayed whom – and WHO got what’s been stole?
      C. G. F
      Ain’t nobody like (our) Marjorie Green
      C. G. F
      Nothin’ (like a) new broom to sweep up clean
      C. G. F
      Thank you Georgia for sendin’ out Marjorie Green
      F. G. C
      Ain’t nobody like our Marjorie Green

      C. G. F
      Thank you, Georgia for sending’ out Marjorie Green
      F. G. C
      Ain’t nobody like our Marjorie Green

    5. I hope that represents it to Greens impeachment goes through because Biden is not fit to hold office. He’s a liar and a crook. He does not care about the American people. He has proved that in his first two weeks in office. Him and his whole cabinet need to be impeached. They are not worthy of running our country.

    6. Hello Henry,
      Yes she is. I live in Ga but not in her district.
      In GA she is very well liked. A “Plain Speaker!”
      Not from the SWAMP or of the SWAMP.
      That’s why the Loon Left FEAR her.
      Just like Donald J. Trump – they want and demand she simply LEAVE.
      They don’t care if she was VOTED IN by – The People.
      The Loon Left doesn’t care much for – The People.

      1. Hey, Gloria, dementia Joe is not doing anything to this country, he’s only “ executing the orders” coming from behind the curtains!!!

      2. Who do you think is Biden’s puppeteer. This is Obamas 3rd term and Biden is his frontman. People laugh at that but if they Google it and watched the evil talk shows he was on and he stated that this is his 3rd term. He has to finish destroying the country

    1. Sadly, you speak without proof.

      Get facts straight before speaking.

      Stop acting like a magpie and say what YOU know as fact. Give proof with your statements.

      1. Well, telling the Russians to wait until he gets re elected to do what they want. Oh and Fast and Furious te Obummer Care… shal we go on, mpton?

    2. How can you honestly say that? Every democrat president since Bill Clinton have been criminals. Thankfully Hillary didn’t get into office. She is a big criminal that has yet to be brought to justice or even charged. Biden is an admitted criminal and yet he’s your president. He is a disgrace and a sham. BHO started the phony Russian conspiracy. Is what he did not a disgrace? How about if you base your statement on some facts

      1. Really?
        Have you ever heard of Lyndon Johnson?
        He was even worse than Bubba Clinton.
        He was HEAVILY involved in the murder of his predecessor and later his predecessor’s brother.
        No one was safe around LBJ.
        With the exception of Carter (good guy, bad president), McGovern and RFK, EVERY Democrat has been a heel since November 22, 1963.
        The party died that day.

      2. I agree with you totally RE: Joe and the rest of the Dems. Sad to see these ignorant representatives and criminals who have never read our Declaration of Independence, or our Constitution of the United States of America trying to destroy our country. The Democratic Party started on the path to Hades back with Woodrow Wilson and has gone down hill ever since. FDR was not any better either. And LBJ was a total criminal. Sorry, to over respond but they are all sorry rascals.

    3. Are you referring about Clueless Joe . Donald Trump is the best president we have had in decades.
      As for Ms. Greene, we need more like her in congress. She is a real patriot. She is not afraid to stand up to some of the scum on the side of the aisle.

    4. And you are the worst excuse of a cow pie in the whole country. You are nothing but a liberal troll who knows nothing but what your daddy “China Joe Biden “ tells you

    5. Trump brought jobs back for the people he saved the farmers he set us up so we didn’t have to rely on other countries for oil I guess you liked paying $5.00 a gal for gas he brought taxes down and did a whole lot more for the people. In the short time Biden’s been in office 70,000 jobs are gone and a bunch more will be lost I guess it’s ok that people won’t be able to support their families. By the way we weren’t in war with anyone for the first time but but case Biden will take care of that . Take your head out of the sand .

    6. He’s not in Office now Stupid!!! Why you worried ? , BECAUSE you are scared of him!!!Hahahahahaha, demwits are sooo weak in the brain!!!!:)

      1. Hey, Kenneth!!
        My opinion, you are just overestimate the $ocia li$ts … you’re saying weak in the brain…
        I’m asking, what brain ????

    7. Can you name one law Trump violated? Where as l can name three to four laws or ethics violations Biden has done. Why isn’t Congress going after the Biden’s rather than waste precious time on Trump and what about the stimulus package?

      1. We are getting a real lesson in how the legal system works in this country. It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white, it depends on how much money you have.

    8. You must be drinking homemade moonshine. You are one idiot just like Pelosi, Biden, Harris and on an on I could go.

    9. if you do not love this county…then get the he!! out and by doing so you will make this a better place to live.

    10. your out of your freaking mind!! Biden just shut down One Million jobs of the peoples !! what the hell are you thinking!!

    11. I know one worse….and he sits in the Oval Office now. Illegally. And corruption sits all around him….and he destroys the great things that Trump has done. I hope the Dems are all happy now…through deceiving the American people, they now can deceive them even more. That’s their game and we are all being played.

      1. I have limited funds and no money available to contribute. However: HOW CAN MITCH MCCONNELL, MITT ROMNEY, THE SUPREME COURT (and others) BE SO BLIND AND IGNORANT?IT IS “INTUITIVELY CLEAR TO EVEN THE MOST CASUAL OBSERVER” THAT THIS ELECTION WAS FRAUGHT WITH FRAUD TO OVERRIDE THE LEGITIMATE VOTES!!!!FURTHERMORE; THE SENATE AND HOUSE WERE DERELICT IN THEIR DUTY TO VERIFY ALL LEGITIMATE VOTES WERE COUNTED, AND ENSURE THAT ALL NON-LEGITIMATE VOTES WERE REJECTED!!!!I fully support President Donald J Trump, recognize he truly loves this country and stands firmly for what is right, for the Constitution and for We The People of The United States of America. There is a very huge silent majority who recognizes that We as well as He are under attack by the radical left. Democ’rats. (Which is what the Democrat Party needs to be renamed as that name accurately reflects their Attitude and Hate for all that is good for our nation.) Democ’rats should never be referred to as being the Democratic Party, because there isn’t anything in their platform or conduct that indicates they adhere to Democratic principles. Anyone who refers to them as being Democratic or being The Democratic Party is either ignorant or lacks even an ounce of intelligence. Just make sure as Republican members/candidates for the Senate and House you will fully support and stand with President Donald J Trump, truly love this country and stand firmly for what is right for the Constitution and We The People of The United States of America. If you do, I am confident the huge silent majority will elect/retain you to represent them. DO IT!

        1. They are all part of the Deep State. They dont care anything about us or our country. Like Biden said, America last! So sad. Trump never would of done anything like this to us or our country. This is what the people wanted. Well I’m sure were all going to go thru some rough times whether we want too or not. Welcome to Obama’s 3rd term.

    12. Robert, You need to spit out that Dem Kool-aide and look at what is really going on! Trump has been the best person we’ve had in the white house for a long, long time. Unfortunately, the puppet Biden, and his puppeteers (most likely Pelosi and Schmer) are totally making a mess of everything!

    13. Really Robert Nailor, you’re so brainwashed by the left wing news media that you can’t think for yourself? Sad, Very Sad!
      Try looking into all the good President Trump has done for America and if you do it with an open mind, you’ll see that you’ve been following the left so blindly, that you’ve been missing out on seeing and hearing the truth about one of the greatest Presidents in American history!

    14. JUST WAIT UNTIL BUMBLE BRAIN IS THROUGH, WITH YOU, you ain’t seen nothing yet and if Pelosi gets her way so that several million illegals get to vote because of H.R. 1 and the section that says when someone has contact with a government agency, and the DMV is specifically mentioned, they will automatically be registered to. There is a large number of states who issue driver’s licenses to ILLEGALS, which in my mind means they planned this year when many insisted that illegals needed driver’s licenses.
      They won’t let me publish the remainder of what I think of you.

    15. you sir are not a true American.
      go live in Venezuela they would love to have you and we would not miss you

    16. Obama was and Biden is two of the worst presidents we have seen. What the hell have they done for this country? Obama went around apologizing for this country! News flash he was not our first black president, his mother was white. Then he got a Nobel Peace Prize for nothing. Biden is a old mentally challenged white man with a corrupt family. His son is a crack head who traded on his father’s position. He has been in politics forever and never accomplished anything. He has a VP who once called him a racist and is waiting to replace his worthless butt. Joe is owned by China and Black Lives Matter the same group of people who claimed they helped him get elected and he needs to put more black people in government positions. Now you know the elections was rigged! Wait our taxes will go up, our borders will be over ruined by illegals and the country will go to hell!

    17. you got the wrong name on the worst President list. first should be Obama then the stupid people voted in a Crook, pervert, and a pedophile in order to move Obama up to equal status to Biden, both are tied for the worst President ever.

  1. I do not think she has a lot to worry about. The House needs a 2/3 vote to get rid of her. There are ten RINO’s who might vote so, but that is not enough. The dems tolerate the squad, so the GOP can absorb her.

    1. You are right. But, the 2/3 vote is by law and they ignore the law. They do what they want and nobody, not even law enforcement, will do anything to stop them. If this country is to be saved, we the people, are going to have to do it.

    2. If Tlaib and Ilan Omar are still there…they sure better not even think to touch Greene. They are extremely dangerous with their rhetoric and agendas. There would be a public outcry the likes of which we haver never seen. Those two should have been gone long ago….with their threats and name calling and support of our enemies….not to mention their crooked monetary gains, political election support with ballots that was illegal….etc. And I wonder why that was never on the news?? Was Omar or Tlaib ever prosecuted for it? Probably not…they ARE Dems, after all.

  2. This sums it all up:
    “In my opinion, Greene has said some stupid things. But if we expelled people from Congress for saying stupid things, we wouldn’t have any congresspeople left.”
    I agree 100%. Can you say First Amendment ?

    1. Hey, Tom, I’ll try again to respond to you bcs the first time this POS website canceled my post
      I was saying, so what if this congresswoman said some stupid things here and there ???
      It looks like this has become one of the main “conditions “ to be voted, accepted even applauded nowadays
      We should remember Hank John$0n afraid that Guam was gonna “tip off “, or Sheila Jack$On who said that we already put our flag on Mars , or even A0c who keeps on saying all kind of idiO ti c
      things …
      Is it unconstitutional now ?????

  3. Biggest problem in the Republican Party is it has to many democrats in it, such as McConnel, Murkowski, Romney, Collins and on an on! The democrats work for the goal of total control of the people and these clowns are than willing to help them!

    1. That’s exactly right , Ardvark !
      Too many traitors into the Republican Party
      Why don’t they move to the s0ciali$T party where they early belong ????
      Our country is going down the drain !!!!
      We don’t have time for arguing stupidly anymore !!!!
      Let’s find solutions for the people if we really care about them !!!

      1. We need to have congress elections every year so we can correct our previous mistakes. All they do is campaign anyway.

    2. hopefully elections will take care of that they are rinos there for the money and handouts -they are suck ups and that is all they are.

  4. The republicans need to stand behind Greene, show some solidarity for once! The people of her state voted her in, not the demonrats! The people of her state should raise a ruckus over this, make the Dems back down! The Dems shouldn’t have the say, the voters should.

    1. I’ll try again, John, this POS website canceled my post again !!

      I was saying, yes, the more zombies, the better !
      The more druggies, the better !!!
      The more uneducated, the better !!!
      That’s the future, AmeriKa

  5. Let me get this right: the demorats can try to impeach President Trump twice without any severe consequence but Congresswoman Greene wants to impeach biden and is threaten with being expelled from congress. So much for democracy today.

    1. Biden broke all the laws as vice president. He should be in jail for life. Which wouldn’t be long. Considering his health.

    2. Well, see, Les, the so called “ democracy” is something that could be manipulated very easily on their side !!!!
      Talking about Republicans, there we have a big problem bcs most of them don’t really have the will to stand up for their principles so, they seem to be ok to allow the left to step all over them …
      Sad, but so true !!!
      Back bone ???
      Not on them !!!


    1. My opinion, Al !!
      $0 r 0 $ is a huge problem that we’re having but the left would never even try to “ bother” him bcs
      he is the one with the big “ funding” for all those
      very “ upset boys” dressed in black , and he’s also funding some universities, and also our media … so, you see, he is doing a great job by pushing our country down the cliff ….

  7. The Democrat leadership and the “Quad” make more STUPID remarks than aaall the other parties combined, maybe we should get rid of them too ….

  8. Keep it up she is to be admired and venerated as a House Rep who has the courage to speak up and not just to go along to get along. Oh to GOd if more Republicans were like her. It is ok when it comes from the leftist radicals ie the squad but no from the other side of the isle. At least she makes sense and her claims are not at all too far fetched but pretty much on target. Good for her! She better keep her post on whatever committee whe is on. Keep stirring the hornets nest Rep Green. as one commentator said she is the real Green deal.

  9. A couple of the things that Greene has stated may be beyond reason, but she has been right on for the most part. The democrats are scared to death that she is going too apply enough pressure to finally cause enough people to recognize the truth about the election, and demand that the evidence of criminal fraud be presented in an open forum.

  10. Look at the squad… they are worse than trash! No Dems said anything about that bunch of terror critters and lawbreakers! Greene has the grit to go after Slow Joe and the humpy Kamala! Pelosi and Schumer said many times worse than any GOP! They should be cast far from our national government!

  11. The Marxist Democrat will lie, cheat and steal to destroy America and stay in power. They don’t give a damn about the citizens they are supposed to be representing. They are out to destroy our Republic. Only needs to look at the Chinese puppet and what he has done since he Took office. They have been brainwashing our children for years. They also have been attacking our Freedom of speech and Religion. They have been attacking our 2A rights. They want to take our guns because they know that an Armed citizenry is a danger to their lust for power. That’s why the founders included 2A, so citizens can defend themselves against a tyrannical government which is what Democrats are. One only needs to look at the Democratic controlled States to see what they want. They’ve turned cities like Portland into S—-holes. They use ANTIFA and BLM terrorist like Hitler used the Brown Shirts, to riot, loot. Destroy statues (our history), burn buildings and intimidate citizens. The Democrats need to be impeached and voted out of every office they hold.

  12. I, that “WE ,THE PEOPLE:”
    Should Impeach Mr. Biden,the sitting in the Housespeakers office and the rest that are trying to provoke the people to a riote. They are the one’s who set-up all this in the first place.May you all get caught in your own Scheme💩heads.

  13. Stand your ground Greene, True Americans are with you!!!!! GOP, grow a pair or spine and do your job, We The People sent you to do in DC!! Quit being weak and help her Fight for Our American Freedoms!!!!

  14. I, that “WE ,THE PEOPLE:”
    Should Impeach Mr. Biden,the one sitting in the Housespeakers office and the rest that are trying to provoke the people to a riote. They are the one’s who set-up all this in the first place.May you all get caught in your own Scheme💩heads.

  15. McConnell,,,,retire, resign , quit , Just Go Away!!! You are weak, two faced back stabber, selling out GOP Daily!! We Don’t want or need your kind in Our Party, ever again!!!

  16. Absolutely love Marjorie Taylor Greene! She’s a breath of fresh air and full of ambition and she’s not intimidated!!! I love her energy and highly endorse her. She is all America First and For The People!!!!! Will work wonderfully with President Trump!!!

  17. Careful what you say they are threatening to send us to “re-education” camps! What has happened that a small group of people can gain enough power to threaten the American people and get away with it – money talks

  18. Only because she brought impeachment against Pervert joe. Law’s are for We but Not for the 😡 Corruption is Deep within! Up Hold the Law’s.

  19. I think Mitch McConnell is more of a cancer to the GOP than Majorie Taylor Greene. Granted she may have said a few strange things; however, they pale in comparison to 90% of the Dems. The absolute worse representation is by far AOC. She’s a complete dimwit. Leave Representative Taylor Greene alone. She’s has only been in Congress a few weeks.

  20. A$$WIPE Eric Swalwel was sniffing a Chinese SPY until she got caught and hightailed it back to China , and he is allowed to stay on the Intelligence Committee ???? But , a Republican says something years ago that the LIBTARDS don’t like , they want her out . While getting his crank slapped , who knows what Swalwel might have told that SPY .

  21. All that Ms Greene is doing, is using the Democrats own rhetoric against them and the poor little 2nd graders can’t take it.

  22. If the Democrats don’t like Green, then i am all for her. Thought the peanut farmer was the worst president that I could then came the Muslim Obama to beat Carter. Now we have someone that beat those two as the worst president. We have the puppet creepy joe who beats them all as the worst president

  23. Marjorie Taylor Greene is the type of representatives we need more of. Someone who doesnt run from defending democracy, steadfast, and has integrity.

  24. It takes a 2/3rds majority to expel a congress member from the House of Reprobates (or to censure one as well). That would mean 290 members would have to vote yes to expulsion. Dems only hold 221 seats, so they’d need 69 RINO’s and Independents to pull it off. Unless something comes up to change attitudes, expulsion is dead in the water at present.
    So if Rep Greene can weather the flak, she’ll come out OK, especially since she had a very strong base in Georgia.

  25. They are all part of the Deep State. They dont care anything about us or our country. Like Biden said, America last! So sad. Trump never would of done anything like this to us or our country. This is what the people wanted. Well I’m sure were all going to go thru some rough times whether we want too or not. Welcome to Obama’s 3rd term.

  26. If Greene goes, then Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib, Jamaal Bowman, Cori Bush, Sheila Jackson-Lee, and Maxine Waters need to go right along with her.


  28. Democrats are re-creating Hitler’s Germany…in America. I wouldn’t want to be them on Judgement Day.
    Hell hath no fury like God scorned.

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